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Super New Moon in Pisces 03/2024

The mystical arrival of the Pisces Super New Moon on March 10, 2024, unfolds a transcendent doorway, beckoning us into uncharted and enchanting territories.

At the core of this cosmic event is the initiation of a new cycle, propelling us into the invigorating energies of the astrological new year and the transformative Eclipse season that gracefully follows in its wake. The Pisces New Moon serves as a fertile ground for dreams, an opportune moment to set intentions, and a canvas on which to vividly paint the visions of our future. During this celestial episode, the creative currents surge, fostering a heightened sense of inspiration, allowing us to indulge in daydreams, and conjure up novel inspirations and ideas.

Basking in the energies of the March New Moon, we find ourselves immersed in one of the most auspicious times of the year to tend to our creative fires. It beckons us to dive deep into the well of our dreams and intuitive practices, supported by the cosmic forces surrounding us. Grant yourself permission to flow harmoniously with this energy, unleashing your creative potential.

While the New Moon advocates for creative action, it encourages us to avoid excessive mental entanglement. This energy beckons us to ride the waves of our emotions, flow with the unfolding, and trust our inner voice. It urges us to bypass the analytical mind, inviting us to listen to our hearts, embrace trust, and be comfortable with the unknown. Though surrendering to such a level of trust may pose challenges, the New Moon invites us to ride this wave. In challenging times, resist the impulse to control or plan extensively; instead, ground yourself in your body, navigate through the situation by feeling your way, and embrace each step as it unfolds.

In a celestial dance, Neptune, the Planet of Hopes and Dreams, aligns with the New Moon, infusing the cosmic stage with supportive energies, particularly concerning intention-setting for our future. Envision your perfect day, relationship, or job. Focus not only on the mental imagery but also on the emotions it stirs within you. This magical practice becomes a conduit, sending your heartfelt wishes out into the vast expanse of the Universe.

As a Super Moon, the Pisces New Moon draws near to Earth, amplifying its energetic resonance. The second in a sequence, it underscores robust support for embarking on new chapters and embracing the essence of new beginnings. Notably, the cosmic alignment boasts zero planets in retrograde, signaling an overwhelming forward-moving momentum, supporting us from all corners of the cosmic skies.

Harness the potential of these Super New Moons to infuse renewed, fresh, and inspired energy into every facet of your life. Acknowledge the unique potency of the March New Moon, a perfect canvas for holding your visions and allowing your creative inspirations to soar to new heights.

As we traverse the lunar cycle, anticipate the Lunar Eclipse on March 25th, marking the climax of transformative energies. Eclipses, while often challenging, propel us towards necessary evolution, pushing the boundaries of consciousness. The forthcoming Eclipse will cast a spotlight on our relationships, fostering compassion and forgiveness. While the energy is beautiful, a note of caution is sounded against making decisions through rose-colored glasses. If faced with significant relationship choices, it is advisable to await the passing of the Lunar Eclipse, affording you a more informed perspective on the matter.

Pisces New Moon Poetry Manifestation Ritual

Embrace your artistic and romantic side with the influence of Pisces sign. Here is a poetry ritual for you:

In Pisces’ gentle water embrace,

A poetry ritual, find your space.

  1. Fluid Words, Liquid Dreams:

   – Choose a quiet spot by a stream,

     Where water whispers, let it gleam.

   – With pen and paper, dreams unfold,

     In Pisces’ waters, secrets told.

  1. Flowing Ink, Creative Tide:

   – Dip your pen in waters deep,

     Let Piscean currents gently seep.

   – Write your wishes, dreams, and more,

     Let poetry birth what’s in your core.

  1. Visualize the Ocean’s Embrace:

   – Close your eyes, let visions swell,

     Piscean dreams, where mysteries dwell.

   – Envision an ocean, vast and wide,

     Where dreams and reality coincide.

  1. Speak in Rhyme, Manifest in Time:

   – Speak your verses with heartfelt glee,

     Infuse your words with energy.

   – Each rhyme a ripple, a cosmic dance,

     Bringing dreams into life’s expanse.

  1. Release to the Water’s Flow:

   – Offer your verses to the stream,

     Pisces’ realm, where fantasies gleam.

   – Watch the water carry your poetic quest,

     As dreams and reality gently invest.

  1. Gratitude and Seal:

   – Thank the water, thank the sign,

     For manifesting dreams so fine.

   – Seal your ritual with a grateful kiss,

     Piscean magic, a celestial bliss.

Here you can watch the video of our online New Moon ritual with guided meditation and manifestation ritual.

New Moon Message for your Sign

You can read it for your sun sign, rising sign and moon sign. 


In the realm of the 12th house, Aries, the new moon prompts a journey into your subconscious, fostering closure and healing. Unleash your intuition and explore the unspoken, allowing big emotions to surface. Face your past with courage, for in its processing, you’ll find a deeper sense of confidence and inner security.


Your dreams take center stage, Taurus, as the new moon graces your 11th house. Visualize your future, create that vision board, and let intuition guide your actions. Unexpected news related to personal goals may surface. Be open to forming connections that support your aspirations, as the energy propels you confidently towards your chosen path.


Recognition of your worth blossoms, Gemini, under the new moon in your 10th house. Embrace your achievements, whether mastering a new skill or reaching a financial goal. This cosmic energy invites you to stand proudly in your progress, affirming your self-confidence and personal growth.


Words become potent under the new moon in your ninth house, Cancer. Your ideas hold influence, sparking eye-opening conversations. Use your power to inspire or be inspired. Whether pitching a business idea or embarking on an educational journey, curiosity fuels your desire for adventure and expansion.


The eighth house beckons, Leo, as the new moon encourages release from emotional baggage and shared resources. Navigate negotiations or settle debts, freeing yourself emotionally. Extend compassion to yourself and others, ushering in a liberating sense of emotional freedom.


Intimate discussions flourish, Virgo, as the new moon graces your seventh house. Relationships, both romantic and professional, receive a fresh start. Dive into conversations about the future, whether discussing moving in together or launching a joint venture. New opportunities may enter your professional sphere.


Revitalize your routine, Libra, as the new moon sweeps through your sixth house. Use this energy to alter habits or set boundaries. Embrace change in your daily life and find balance, making amends or accepting situations beyond your control.


Romance and creativity shine, Scorpio, with the new moon in your fifth house. Explore new hobbies, delve into pleasurable activities, and indulge in joyful experiences. Whether dating or envisioning a shared future, embrace the joyous realms of your life for the greatest blessings.


A new chapter unfolds at home, Sagittarius, as the new moon graces your fourth house. Transform your living situation and release ties to the past. Dive into family dynamics, breaking free from generational cycles and embracing renewal within your chosen family.


Express your deepest emotions, Capricorn, as the new moon activates your third house of communication. Reconnect with your voice, express your feelings, and gain confidence in your self-expression. Exciting opportunities and conversations shape your path ahead.


Financial stability takes center stage, Aquarius, with the new moon in your second house. Wrap up payment plans, set new financial goals, or explore fresh job opportunities. Embrace confidence in your talents, feeling secure in your skills and abilities.


In your first house of self, Pisces, the new moon marks a yearly reset. Shed self-sacrifice and embrace the new you. Playfully explore self-expression, revamp your style, and embark on new beginnings. Let this cosmic energy guide you in revealing a fresh side of yourself to the world.

New Moon Affirmation


“I courageously embrace healing and newfound confidence.”


“My dreams guide me confidently on my chosen path.”


“I am worthy of recognition and celebrate my growth.”


“My words spark inspiring conversations and foster expansion.”


“I release emotional baggage, inviting compassionate freedom.”


“Fresh beginnings thrive, and exciting opportunities unfold.”


“I find balance and harmony in renewed daily routines.”


“Joyful experiences bring blessings and newfound pleasures.”


“I foster transformation and renewal within my chosen family.”


“Expressing my emotions shapes exciting opportunities.”


 “Financial stability flows effortlessly, boosting confidence.”


“The new me emerges, playfully exploring self-expression.”

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