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Full Moon in Leo 01/2024

Embracing the initial Full Moon of 2024, we find ourselves under the celestial influence of Leo, a sign that ignites our hearts and beckons us to dream boldly. This lunar spectacle marks more than just a phase; it’s a cosmic invitation to reset, cleanse, and envision the unfolding tapestry of the coming year.

In the vast expanse of the cosmic calendar, this inaugural Full Moon stands as a unique portal—a juncture where we can craft the narrative of our future. With 12 months stretching ahead, each with its distinct energies and experiences, it is at this juncture that we wield the power to manifest, dream, and shape the trajectory of our lives.

Leo, with its radiant and heart-centered energy, graces us during this Full Moon. It extends an invitation to dream expansively, directing our focus toward our passions and encouraging us to operate from the core of our being. In the midst of its vibrant aura, we find a playful and warm vibration that can infuse our lives with joy and a lighthearted spirit.

Central to the theme of this Full Moon is the creation of joy in our lives. It calls us to connect with our inner joy and to release anything that obstructs its flow. While the pursuit of joy often involves letting go of things that no longer serve us—be it outdated jobs, relationships, or ingrained attitudes—Leo’s wisdom lies in reminding us that the purest joy emanates from simplicity.

Amidst the grandeur and drama associated with Leo, it is easy to be enticed by the pursuit of joy through material or fleeting pleasures. However, Leo’s profound lesson lies in recognizing that enduring joy stems from the simple pleasures embedded in our daily lives. Even if transient, these moments possess the power to rejuvenate our spirits and souls.

The Full Moon’s energy encourages us to embrace joy by turning towards the uncomplicated aspects of life, urging us to cultivate gratitude for the precious, smaller moments that grace us each day.

Furthermore, this cosmic event serves as a catalyst for expanding our heart energy and reconnecting with our passions. It invites us to rekindle the flame of our desires and encourages those who may have overlooked their passions to rediscover them. A simple exercise prompts us to list at least 50 things we love to do, unveiling hidden passions that may lie dormant.

Beyond the pursuit of joy and the rekindling of passions, the Leo Full Moon extends an invitation to delve into inner child healing. For those engaged in this profound journey, the lunar energies may amplify progress. Acknowledging and reflecting upon childhood experiences and inherited belief systems can be transformative, offering a path to liberation from outdated patterns.

As emotions reach their climax during Full Moons, the January Full Moon in Leo is no exception. It illuminates facets of our lives, providing insights to guide our decisions moving forward. Amidst the heartwarming energies, there is a concentrated force that might feel overwhelming, prompting the need to ground ourselves and return to the simplicity that counters the dramatic Leo influences.

In a channelled message for the January 2024 Leo Full Moon, the wisdom imparts, “How can I focus the direction and purpose of my life towards my inner flame?” It encourages us to seek guidance from within, connecting with our inner light as a beacon that illuminates our path. The message encourages a tactile approach—placing a hand on a body part of intuition’s choice and saying hello to our inner light until it makes itself known.

In conclusion, this Leo Full Moon beckons us to dance under its luminous glow, inspiring us to dream, create joy, rediscover passions, and embark on a journey of inner healing. As we navigate its energies, may we heed the call to simplicity, allowing our inner flame to shine brightly, guiding us through the uncharted territories of the coming year.

Leo Full Moon Ritual

Join us for a magical evening under the Full Moon in Leo! This online ritual and workshop is designed to help you harness the powerful energy of the Leo Full Moon and manifest your desires.

During this event, we will explore the unique qualities of Leo and learn how to embrace our inner lion/lioness. Through guided meditations, journaling exercises, and group discussions, you will gain insights into your true passions and discover how to express your authentic self.

Whether you are new to astrology or a seasoned practitioner, this ritual and workshop is open to all. Join us and connect with like-minded individuals who are also seeking to align with the Leo energy and ignite their creative spark.

Prepare to set intentions, release what no longer serves you, and step into your personal power during this transformative Full Moon in Leo Ritual & Workshop. Don’t miss this opportunity to embrace the fiery energy of Leo and unleash your inner roar!

Your Full Moon Message For Your Sign


Embrace your inner child, Aries, exploring new hobbies and self-expression under the full moon’s influence in your fifth house. Lead with your heart in matters of love and passion projects. Trust your intuition and prioritize values in friendships and professional goals.


Taurus, the spotlight is on your current or future home, with the full moon in your fourth house emphasizing family, emotions, and domestic matters. Reflect on your emotional foundations and upbringing dynamics. If you’re hesitant about taking charge in your personal life, assess if it stems from integrity or pride. The sun and Pluto are revealing hidden truths in your home, potentially impacting your reputation.


Communication takes center stage, Gemini. Speak up under the intense full moon in your third house. Sun and Pluto’s influence prompts reflection on belief systems. Stay curious and consider the shadow side of your worldview.


Celebrate your blessings and talents, Cancer. The full moon highlights your second house of comfort, finances, and values. Reflect on spending habits, money-making abilities, and whether investments align with your future visions. If online shopping or social media comparisons are a challenge, the sun-Pluto influence in Aquarius brings these issues to light.


Bask in your full moon glow-up, Leo. Celebrate personal and professional achievements. Jupiter brings expansion to your career, but Pluto raises questions about your community role. Reflect on your values as you step into a new identity in your first house.


Release emotional inhibitions, Virgo. The full moon activates your 12th house, urging healing and self-care. Reflect on past sacrifices and celebrate newfound awareness and beliefs.


Embrace new connections, Libra. The full moon energizes your 11th house, encouraging community engagement. Sun-Pluto influence reveals darker aspects of identity and expression. Reflect on potential fears or rebellious tendencies.


Showcase your talents, Scorpio. The full moon emphasizes your public image and career in your 10th house. Reflect on your professional journey and role within your network. Consider early family influences on decision-making.


Your optimistic outlook is commendable, but as January’s full moon highlights your ninth house of education and self-discovery, balance optimism with realism. Avoid overcommitting, stay humble, and lead with integrity for success in your new journey. Accept that not everyone may share your enthusiasm, and that’s okay.


Assess your intimate connections, Capricorn. The full moon highlights shared assets and authenticity in your eight house. Reflect on investments and attachments based on pride. Sun-Pluto influence confronts core values and validation desires.


Prioritize partnerships, Aquarius. The full moon emphasizes commitments and significant others in your seventh house. Reflect on contractual agreements and transformations in your community role. Anticipate tension in conversations.


Recognize your efforts, Pisces. The full moon urges celebration of your courage and consistency in your sixth house. Prioritize self-care amidst community obligations. Balance your service without losing sight of your well-being. i

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