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How it all started...

The story of Oratis began in autumn 2017 in Vienna during a relaxed conversation between two sisters about the dating world and the associated difficulties for people who are looking for deeper connections and have had enough of superficiality, constant exchangeability and boring dating.

One sister again shared many experiences about numerous time-consuming and nerve-wracking online conversations and real dates of her and friends. The other sister found out that there is a huge dissatisfaction about the existing online offers and the superficiality. She has been able to hear very well what many singles are missing and what many pay attention to when getting to know each other, chatting and meeting. It also came out clearly that the majority of women* ask about the Zodiac sign and do some research about it before dating.

Thus, she shared her ideas in conversation with her sister, who was already looking for a suitable business idea that covers all her strengths, passions and hobbies. She was immediately thrilled.

And so, the exciting journey of ORATIS began. The sisters developed the entire business model with all its contents and built up an international and interdisciplinary team while working and studying.

During the pandemic, they successfully completed international incubator and accelerator programs, pitched their idea several times online and offline, and convinced investors.

Together as a team, they developed the first live version of the ORATIS app, which is available for free download in the App Store and Google Play Store since summer 2022.

We want to offer a spiritual alternative that helps singles and couples find suitable partnerships and friendships worldwide.

We also would like to help you deal more intensively with your own character traits, strengths and weaknesses and get to know yourself better. We would like to support you in defining and manifesting your own needs more clearly.

If you want to support the idea and further development, download ORATIS for free and share it with friends and other people.



What our Moonies think about us.

Feedback Events

“I learned a lot about myself!”

“It helped me manifest my wishes and desires much better.”

“Before the event, I felt anxious and stressed. During the event I felt more connected to myself and the group. And afterwards I was energized and could leave behind my worries and fears.”

Feedback App

“I love the design, your user language, the spiritual content and the energies of all Moonies on the App. Keep up the great work! Can’t wait for the text updates.”

“Your compatibility calculation seems pretty reliable to me! As a practicing astrologer with more than 40 years of experience I may claim that.”


From Events & App

„Still reminiscing the last speed dating temple night with warmth“

“I like the whole other vibe that it has compared to other dating apps.”

All the guided meditations were beautiful and inspiring. Including the s*x magick ritual and the calming meditation at the beginning. I didn’t want to come back to the group at the end of these.“

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