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Community Guidelines

Oratis users (Moonies) are a part of a respectful and loving community. Oratis honors honesty, kindness, tolerance and respectfulness. Everyone is unique, has their own interests and beliefs and is beautiful in their own way. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. For us it is very important that everyone should always feel welcome as a Moonie. As a part of this community you should follow our guidelines. If you violate the guidelines, your account will be removed from Oratis.

Respect every Moonie

Diversity is welcome in Oratis. Respect every user and their lives. Hate, racism, disrespectfulness, sexism, mobbing, harassment, misogyny and inappropriate behavior are no go’s at ORATIS.

Use and upload your own photos

Fake photos and profiles will be removed. Stand up for who you are and be honest. You are beautiful as you are and can attract people who like you as you are.

Photo guidelines:

  • no nudity – no shirtless photos or photos in underwear or swimwear
  • no sexual or pornographic content
  • no weapons or other things that encourage violence
  • no drugs
  • just photos from own kids that are fully clothed and with an adult are allowed
  • no graphic content (animal harm, racism, religious offense etc.)
  • you have to upload minimum two photos where your face is clearly visible

Profile information:

Do not share private information eg phone number, home addresses, bank account details or other personal data on your personal profile. Do not put yourself in danger and be careful with the information you share with strangers and scammers. Protect your personal data and profile access information! Be cautious and protect your account from scammers and strangers. You are responsible for your profile.

Age Legality

You are only allowed to use Oratis if you are over 18 years.

No spam and illegal stuff!

Spam and illegal activities:

Spam, sale of any products or offers and inappropriate messages are forbidden. Sending inappropriate photos of your body or anything else due to our guidelines or without the permission of another user are forbidden.

We have a team of moderators to monitor and review accounts and messages for content that indicates breaches of our Guidelines and our Terms and Conditions . If you disrespect our guidelines, your account will be deleted. We decide if we send you a warning message before we block or restrict your access to our community.

Every Moonie (user) is responsible for their own profile. If everyone follows our guidelines we can provide a happy, safe and non-discriminatory place in our Oratis MOONIEverse. Our App is designed to be a safe, loving, peaceful and happy place.


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