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Are you ready to help bring the first big spiritual community and dating app to life? Do you want to make long lasting connections and/or experience magical moments? Investing in our startup Oratis is not just about making a financial investment, where you own a share of our future financial success, it’s about being a part of something new and exciting, a part of a vibrant, spiritual, and welcoming community for anyone and having the opportunity to make a real impact.

By supporting us, you are not only supporting the development of our app, but also helping to be able to provide all our services to make magical connections, create jobs, boost the economy, and drive progress and change forward.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to put your money where your heart is and make a difference by supporting us and experience magical moments with us. Whether you’re an experienced investor or just looking to get started, there’s a world of opportunity waiting for you. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of something amazing and magical. Invest in our startup Oratis today!


You should support us if you believe in our mission, if you see that we need better ways to meet each other and form lasting connections, if you want to make a difference in the world of spirituality and sexuality.

You should support us if you want our community to grow and thrive and if you want to be a part of it, if you want to see Oratis come to life and thrive and change the paradigms of how people meet, connect deeply, and form long term relationships, if you agree that we need more safe and inclusive spaces where people can connect on a deeper level.

You should support us if you want to be part of our story.

We recognize that the spiritual and sensual community is large but underserved, and it can be difficult and even unsafe to use normal dating apps. That’s why we created Oratis.

Unlike other dating apps that heavily rely on surface-level appearances or unhealthy paradigms, our app uses a unique astrology matching algorithm and questionnaire to connect people on a deeper level. The spiritual dimension is the key attraction of Oratis for our community, allowing individuals to connect authentically and find what’s most important as a spiritual person – soul connections, friends, and twin flames.

The whole team has worked hard and motivated on Oratis to provide you a loving, caring, safe and spiritual community, so that you can find like-minded people and connect with other Moonies on a deeper level.

Now we need your help to be able to provide you with our services and make your experience even more magical with every update we will implement with this funding goal! Furthermore you are part of Oratis success story and hold a profit participation right. Invest in Oratis and be part of our magickal journey!

We can’t wait to make your experience even more magical and implement your desires and wishes in our development process!


We have prepared 1000 Investibles (NFTs) at $103 each. These are digital collectibles with the benefits (profit sharing and utility) attached to them, powered by web3 technology.

Once you buy one of these, they are your property. You can hold them, but unlike typical crowdfunding pledges, you can also transfer them or trade them any time you choose.


If Oratis is successful, it will be down to the support of our early moonies such as yourselves. So we feel it’s only fair that if we become a financial success, our moonies will have some stake.

That’s why we worked hard with the Investibles team to not only create a viable fundraising campaign, but go above and beyond to reward you with gifts worth more than what you put in:

  • 1 year of Oratis Premium membership once per Investible 
    (worth $120)
  • Free access to a special “Introduction to astrology & conscious dating” event
    (worth up to $55)
  • Free access to one additional Oratis event of your choice
    (worth up to $55)
  • 20% lifetime discount on all our future events online and offline
  • 20% lifetime discount on our online shop
  • Double the number of Moonie Boosts (“Super Likes”) in our app if you have a Premium account
  • A unique piece of generative art by Turkish artist Ekmel Can Geokdal

This is in addition to OWNING A SHARE of our future financial success


We did research and due to Money magazine Coinbase wallet is the best for beginners. Here you find the listed pros and cons:


  • User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate
  • Supports more than 5,500 digital assets
  • Multi-signature and two-factor authentication support
  • Backed by a reputable trading platform that is able to recoup lost or stolen assets


  • Similar security issues and weak points as other hot storage alternatives
  • Only available on mobile and tablet devices (except for Chrome extension)

Please feel free to choose your wallet!


NFT stands for non-fungible token, which is a type of digital asset that is unique and cannot be replicated or exchanged for something else in a 1:1 ratio. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, which are fungible and interchangeable with one another, each NFT is distinct and can represent a unique digital item, such as artwork, music, video game items, or collectibles.

NFTs are typically created using blockchain technology, which ensures their authenticity, immutability, and ownership. They are bought and sold on specialized marketplaces, often using cryptocurrency, and their value is determined by factors such as rarity, popularity, and demand.

NFTs have gained a lot of attention in recent years, particularly in the art world, where they have been used to sell digital artwork for millions of dollars. They have also been used in other industries such as sports, where they have been used to sell unique sports memorabilia, and gaming, where they have been used to sell virtual items and collectibles.

Questions & Answers

Q: What happens if the funding goal is not reached?

A: In the event that the funding round is unsuccessful (i.e. does not meet the funding goal), all pledges will be refunded, minus gas fees.

Q: How does the profit participation work??

A: In principle, if/when we (Oratis) becomes a profit generating company, a total of 5% of the annual profit will be shared between the 1000 Investibles. What’s defined as profits and under what circumstances they are shared etc, these are outlined within the terms on our website.

Q: Into what will you invest your funding goal?

A: Our funding goal will be invested in app development, marketing, and implementation of our community business model and subscription packages. In the future we plan to extend our matchmaking algorithm to include personality types, Human Design, and Numerology, and even implement our own coded chat function and gamification tools.

Q: Can I trade my Investibles?

A: Yes! Once the campaign is successful, the investible includes an Non Fungible Token on the Ethereum Blockchain and that can be traded on any marketplace that will accept it, or directly via tools like NFTTrader.io. Please be careful and always check that the marketplace you’re using is legitimate.

Until the campaign is successful, transferring of tokens will be disabled.

Q: When will the art be revealed?

A: Our intention is for the art to be revealed once funding is successfully completed. However, if the campaign becomes fully funded much more quickly than expected, we may need additional time to complete and QA the generative art.


At Oratis, we believe in being transparent about both the potential and risks associated with our early-stage startup. Our team has made every effort to ensure that you understand the risks and rewards of investing in our project. We understand that if the company grows, the value of your Oratis Investibles, which is backed by the value of the company, will grow with it. Unlike many NFT projects with no real value driver, Oratis Investibles have a clear value proposition. However, it is important to recognize that startups inherently carry risks, and while we are confident in our mission and vision, we cannot guarantee success.

We are committed to building a strong community that supports our vision of creating a safe and inclusive space for those interested in spirituality and self-discovery. As we work towards achieving our growth milestones, we appreciate your support and understanding of the risks involved in investing in our project. We believe that by being transparent and collaborative with our community, we can build a strong foundation for long-term success. Investibles are risky. You could lose the money you put in.

Oratis is an early stage startup. Early stage startups are very risky – most fail. Even if Oratis receives the funding that it is seeking, it is possible that it will not succeed in building a successful product. If so, the economic value of Oratis Investible would likely be zero, though they may retain some residual value from non-economic drivers (such as emotional attachment).

Startups take time to build. Raising funding does not mean that Oratis will suddenly become more successful. Turning funding into startup progress takes time measured in months and years, not days and weeks. If you choose to buy this Investible, you should not expect its value to go up in the short term, until Oratis starts to deliver on key growth milestones.