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Full Moon in Gemini 11/2023

As we approach the culmination of the calendar year, the November Full Moon invites us to release the weight of 2023. Beneath the influence of the Gemini Full Moon on November 27, it’s an opportune moment to contemplate what aspects of our lives we wish to cleanse and shed in anticipation of the coming year.

Take time to ponder what no longer serves a purpose in 2024, what feels burdensome, and what demands an excessive amount of our resources. Commence the process of letting go, freeing up space on our metaphorical plates for a journey through 2024 characterized by alignment, grace, and ease. Harness the energy of the November Full Moon to articulate intentions and release what no longer harmonizes with your evolving path.

Gemini, symbolized by the Twins, embodies the inherent duality within us—simultaneously finite human beings and infinite, timeless souls. During this Full Moon, acknowledge and honor this dual nature. Embrace journaling as a tool for exploring how to appreciate your human self while recognizing and valuing the wisdom embedded in your soul. Given Mercury’s influence on Gemini, engage in social activities, hold gatherings, or spend quality time with friends to maximize the communicative and social energy.

The Full Moon is accompanied by a celestial ensemble, including the dynamic forces of Mars, Saturn, and Lilith, contributing to an energetic and somewhat scattered ambiance. Brace yourself for a touch of fiery intensity, with Mars and Lilith potentially stirring up tension and heated emotions. Seize this opportune moment to release accumulated burdens and partake in social activities, fostering an environment that soothes any emerging tensions. Saturn’s presence underscores the significance of setting boundaries and prioritizing health and well-being during this dynamic lunar phase.

Amidst the tapestry of mixed energies, view the Gemini Full Moon as a formidable teacher. Assume the role of a student, and as the Full Moon wanes, embrace the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and a more expansive perspective on your experiences. In essence, the November Full Moon serves as a poignant reminder to declutter the remnants of the past year, cultivating a sense of lightness that will facilitate a smoother navigation through any potential tense energies that may manifest.

Blessed Full Moon!

Your Full Moon Ritual

Prepare for your Gemini Full Moon Releasing Ritual with the following items:

– Pen and Paper

– Aura Cleansing tool of your choice

– Metatron-Andromedan-Inner-Earth-Transmission Meditation

– Candle

– Bowl of water

– Gemini Full Moon Reading


Follow these steps:

  1. Initiate the ritual by cleansing your aura and your surroundings. While purifying your aura, recite the following:

   “From top to toe, I cleanse my soul; I cleanse from the inside out. I release all that is heavy; I release all energy that is no longer mine to carry. I free myself from the heaviness; I welcome myself into the light. My aura glows; my aura is bright. I am cleansed from top to toe; from inside out, I am purely just me.

  1. Once your aura and space are cleansed, light the candle and find a comfortable position for meditation. Tap here.
  1. After completing the meditation, use the pen and paper to jot down 10 things you wish to release in 2024. What burdens do you want to leave behind as you step into the new year?
  1. Reflect on your list, then tear the paper into thick strips. Burn each strip in the flame of your candle one by one. As the strips become too hot to touch, drop them into the bowl of water.
  2. Cup your hands around the bowl of water and recite the mantra:

   “I wash away the past; I wash away the hurt. It is time to let go. It is time to close the door on all that is hindering my growth. I honor the lessons learned; I honor who I have become, but all that is blocking, weighing me down, and hindering my Highest Self from rising must now be released. My Higher Self has full permission to rise. And so it is.

  1. Take the bowl of water and dispose of it under the Moon’s light. Ideally, do this outside; however, if not possible, pouring the water down the sink is acceptable. Dispose of any larger pieces of paper thoughtfully.

  2. With the newfound lightness, perform your Gemini Full Moon Reading. Reflect on the messages that unfold in the coming days.

Your ritual is now complete! May the blessings of the Gemini Full Moon accompany you on your journey.

Your Divine Full Moon Message


Prepare for revelations, Aries, as the Gemini Full Moon graces your third house of communication and information. The serious touch of Saturn may accompany the unveiling of hidden information. Share your fears and triggers, initiating cathartic and healing conversations. Consider acting on your ideas, recognizing the sacrifices and commitments they entail.



A financial shift awaits, Taurus, as the Full Moon illuminates your second house of income. It’s time to reassess your budget, address debts, or make significant purchases. Investments in tools or skills for long-term career growth may be in the cards. Work contracts may undergo transitions, aligning with your values and beliefs in resource allocation.



You take center stage, Gemini, as the Full Moon activates your first house of identity. A new you emerges, influencing dynamics in close relationships. Advocate for your needs, set boundaries, and address underlying resentments for a solid foundation. Consider stepping into an authority role or experiencing a culmination of personal goals.



Feeling depleted, Cancer? The Full Moon lands in your 12th house, urging introspection on solitude, closure, and rest. Confront beliefs about your presence in the world, redefine your routine, and let go of self-sabotaging behaviors. A reality check prompts necessary changes for your overall well-being.



Realize a long-standing goal, Leo, with the Full Moon in your 11th house of wishes and friendships. Commitments may increase, requiring dedication. Recognize the limits of your resources and set firmer boundaries. Address tension in your social circle, questioning contributions to your life’s positivity.



Balance work and life, Virgo, under the Full Moon in your 10th house of career. A sacrifice may be needed for quality time with loved ones. Delays in contracts and collaborative projects prompt recalibration. Reevaluate your life path, prioritizing meaningful pursuits over clutter.



Conversations get serious, Libra, with the Full Moon in your ninth house of philosophy. Despite Saturn’s influence, voice your beliefs. Rethink major commitments, facing setbacks or increased effort in future goal discussions. Navigate tactfully through potential challenges.



Renegotiate desire, Scorpio, as the Full Moon lands in your eighth house of shared resources. Set boundaries on spending and redefine financial relationships. Emotionally, express shadow qualities through creative outlets. A turning point in shared resources or relationships with outstanding debts awaits.



Make-or-break moments for relationships, Sagittarius, with the Full Moon in your seventh house. Adjustments are necessary in partnerships—romantic, work, platonic, or familial. Revisit past wounds, advocating for needs and setting boundaries to serve the current you.



Break free from routine, Capricorn, as the Full Moon lights up your sixth house of daily rituals. Acknowledge self-sabotaging habits, face sobering conversations about commitments, and empower yourself by setting boundaries. Take control of your responsibilities and say “no” when needed.



Creative pursuits take the spotlight, Aquarius, under the Full Moon in your fifth house. Sacrifices may be required for personal projects. Navigate clashes in romantic life or friendships while witnessing a hope materializing, providing financial support.



Feel the weight of the world, Pisces, with the Full Moon in your fourth house. Unfoldings in public and private lives demand attention. While feeling immobilized, a professional or personal achievement can redefine your sense of self, propelling you into a position of authority.

Your Full Moon Affirmation

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