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New Moon in Aries 04/2023

We have a rare second New Moon in the sign of Aries on April 20 at 12:12 AM EST. The New Moon solar eclipse occurs at 29 degrees, just a few hours before the sun enters Taurus. Last month the New Moon in Aries was on March 21, beginning of Spring equinox. That lunar transit marked a time for self-belief and self-affirmation. 

New Moons are a time for rejuvenation and manifestation. If you have a lack in your life, then this is the time to fill it, through a new experience, person, or item. We must make space for beginnings and foolish behavior during New Moons. Take the theme of each New Moon as inspiration to bring forth the best version of yourself!

This New Moon Solar Eclipse is in Aries, the fire breathing, radically individual, determined, confident and courageous first born sign. The Solar Eclipse is taking place on the Aries-Libra axis. Libra is the sign of partnership, prettiness, pettiness, compromise, diplomacy and duplicity. Aries is the self and Libra is the self in relationship; in conversation, communion, codependency and conflict.

Eclipses, like Aries folk themselves, bring a notable intensity to the dance floor and this solar eclipse, in the most relentless of Fire signs, is no exception.

An eclipse occurs when a planet passes through the shadow of another planet, obscuring it partially or fully from sight. A solar eclipse takes place when the Moon slips between the Sun and the Earth. When the Moon blocks just part of the Sun from view, it’s a partial solar eclipse; when it blocks the whole of it, it’s a total solar eclipse. A hybrid eclipse, which we’ll be experiencing on April 20, occurs when some parts of the world will see a total eclipse while others will witness an annular eclipse.

This energy, coupled with the eclipse, helps us see the truth around us and face it, no matter how much we want to run away from it.

Due to their revealing nature, eclipses can feel unsettling to the nervous system. As this eclipse stirs some chaos in and around you, know that it is ultimately for the better. This will be an intense time, and it may, at moments, feel unbearable. Stay present with yourself and be open to receiving all that is revealed to you.

There is a healing nature to this eclipse. Remember this as you are shown pieces of information that may feel shocking. It’s all to help you heal, forgive, move forward, and begin a new pathway. The eclipse opens the door to a new journey for you and the collective. First, though, it needs to help you see all that is limiting you.

This eclipse shows you what has already ended in your life but you haven’t accepted yet. It places situations that are over or going nowhere front and center so you can understand them. It shows you old patterns and habits that you know are not serving you and reinforces their release.

Eclipses ain’t about intention setting, seed planting and menstrual blood sipping, folks. They’re about surrender. We’re dealing with some cataclysmic shifts, definitive closings and unexpected inceptions as eclipses are the most powerful impetus for change. Because this New Moon/Solar eclipse is happening very, very close to Jupiter, planet of dumb luck, quick cash, full pockets, abandon and abundance we can rest assured that whatever changes take place are in the best interest of our personal expansion and to our ultimate benefit. Because this eclipse is happening at 29 degrees of Aries, the sign of the archetypical warrior, it challenges us to remove our armor, deconstruct our defenses and stand ready to be remade.

Aries folk and fellow cardinal signs Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will feel the effects of the eclipse most acutely. Look to see where Aries falls in your birth chart to determine how these changes might take form for you.

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries Ritual

Take some time tonight or in the following 3 days. Create a cozy atmosphere where no one disturbs you. Light some candles, make your favorite tea or cacao and set up an altar for your New Moon ritual. Place some of your crystals/gemstones. Following gemstones are very favorable for New Moon: Citrine for it’s mood-lifting energy, Clear Quartz for it’s positive effect on the consciousness, Amethyst for it’s purifying energies of unnecessary feelings & thoughts or Carnelian for it’s encouraging energies to support finding solutions. Before you start, cleanse the aura first. Use sage, Palo Santo or a joss stick. 


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