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Full Moon in Virgo 02/2024

The Virgo Full Moon graces the skies on February 24, 2024, marking the final Full Moon of the astrological year and the precursor to Eclipse Season. With a unique position in our celestial timeline, this Full Moon brings forth a potent purging energy, guiding us on an inner cleansing journey, accompanied by the wisdom of the Virgin Goddess.

Embracing the Virgin Goddess Energy

Virgo, represented by the Virgin Goddess, symbolizes independence, inner strength, and wellness. The Virgin Goddess embodies the art of prioritizing oneself, recognizing the body as a sacred temple housing an endless wellspring of wisdom, intuition, and personal power.

Leading up to the Virgo Full Moon, we are called to embrace our inner Virgin Goddess, tuning in to the whispers of our hearts, bodies, minds, and souls. It’s a time to treat our bodies as temples and acknowledge the beauty and gifts residing within.

Listening to the Messenger Within

The energy of clearing and cleansing intensifies under this Full Moon. Pay attention to the messages from your mind, body, and soul—what longs to be released? Our bodies are perpetual messengers, and it’s our responsibility to listen and delve deeper.

Mercury, the messenger planet and natural ruler of Virgo, orbits prominently during this Full Moon, enhancing its influence. Mercury aids in sourcing information and insights from our inner and outer realms. Signs and messages from the Universe may guide us; all that’s required is attentive listening and trust in our inner voice.

Healing Under the Virgo Moonlight

The Virgo Full Moon radiates healing energy, particularly emphasizing the nourishment of our bodies. It urges us to attend to our well-being, addressing signs our bodies might have been signaling. If you’ve neglected self-care or ignored bodily cues, now is the time to take action.

The Virgo Moon’s supportive vibrations empower efforts toward dietary changes, new workout plans, or seeking assistance from healers or medical professionals. Ignoring signs may only amplify them, so it’s crucial to heed the call.

Saturn’s influence during this Full Moon reinforces the importance of setting boundaries, especially concerning health. While Saturn’s presence may feel weighty, it guides us to be firm and confident in standing up for our needs. Saying “no” becomes an act of self-care, knowing that the Universe supports efforts toward greater wellness.

Conclusion: A Potent Closure to the Astrological Year

In summary, the Virgo Full Moon serves as a potent closure to the astrological year. Amidst the purging energy, supportive vibrations encourage a focus on wellness and the nurturing of the Goddess within. Let this celestial event inspire you to treat your body as the sacred temple it is, embracing a transformative journey toward holistic well-being.

Ritual for Self-Reflection, Release, and Healing under the Virgo Full Moon

In the next three days, immerse yourself in a sacred moment of introspection and release, harnessing the powerful energies of the Virgo Full Moon. Set the stage for transformation in a serene, ritualistic atmosphere.

What You’ll Need:

  • Candles to illuminate your space
  • Your favorite drink to savor
  • Joss stick, Palo Santo, or Sage for cleansing energies
  • Your cherished crystals for added vibrational support
  • Paper and pen for writing

The Ritual:

  1. Prepare Your Space: Find a quiet, comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. Set the mood with softly lit candles, your preferred beverage at hand, and the gentle aroma of cleansing incense.
  1. Invoke Virgo Energy: Connect with the Virgo Full Moon’s healing energy and deep self-love. Visualize the moonlight bathing you in a soothing glow, fostering a sense of inner wellness and profound self-acceptance.
  1. Reflect and Write: Take a moment to center yourself under the nurturing energy of the Virgo Full Moon. Reflect on aspects of your life that no longer serve your highest good. Write these thoughts down on paper, allowing your inner wisdom to guide your pen.
  1. Burn and Release: Safely burn the paper in a fireproof container, symbolizing the release of what no longer aligns with your journey. As the flames consume the paper, feel the purifying energy of the Virgo Full Moon enveloping you, facilitating deep healing and self-love.
  2. Audio Guidance: Enhance your ritual with an audio guide prepared specifically for this occasion. Join our Telegram group for a guided meditation and insights to accompany your release process.

Final Thoughts:

This ritual, amplified by the healing energy of the Virgo Full Moon, is a sacred offering to yourself—a moment of self-care, intentional release, and profound self-love. May the Virgo moonlight guide you towards inner healing and a renewed sense of self-compassion.

Full Moon Message for your Sign

You can read it for your sun sign, rising sign and moon sign. 


Under this Full Moon, you may feel compelled to revamp your workspace, refine daily habits, and establish new health routines. Embrace your introspective side and trust your intuition; it could lead to fruitful collaborations and abundance.


Fine-tune your creative projects, aligning them with personal joy and self-expression. Reflect on hobbies and love life, striking a balance between personal and social/professional responsibilities within your community.


Set boundaries in your personal life, focusing on home improvements and decluttering. Reflect on the foundation of your life, engaging in crucial career discussions. Feel torn between exploring new horizons and addressing personal matters.


Your interactions with your immediate environment take center stage. Watch for misunderstandings due to Mercury in Pisces. Balance personal desires with empathizing with those around you.


Look beyond material possessions for security. Evaluate shared resources, joint ventures, and psychological motivations. Consciously manage relationships and resources for personal and professional growth.


Happy Full Moon, Virgo! Reflect on personal growth and communicate effectively. Balance exploration and routine, finding harmony in relationships while expanding your horizons.


Embrace emotional cleansing and spiritual growth. Plan for a better work-life balance. Set boundaries for equal give-and-take in relationships while enjoying personal pursuits.


Evaluate connections aligning with long-term visions. Find inspiration in creativity and self-expression. Harmonize personal life and family dynamics with building lasting relationships.


Bask in the spotlight as Luna recognizes your achievements. Reflect on the foundation you’re building both personally and professionally. Redefine your sense of security.


Experience a turning point in your belief systems. Navigate tension between pursuing joy and staying true to values. Expand your mind and heart without losing sight of ideals.


Address emotional and financial dependencies. Experience growth in personal life and home environment, balancing individual needs with family matters. Navigate give-and-take dynamics in close relationships.


Focus on the foundation of relationships, addressing strengths and areas for improvement. Express your thoughts and feelings articulately, but beware of hidden emotions. Integrate external forces with your need for introspection.

Full Moon Affirmation


“I trust my intuition, and I release what holds me back. Abundance flows through collaborations guided by my inner wisdom.”


“I align my creativity with joy, finding balance in my personal and social roles for nurturing connections.”


“I set boundaries at home, finding harmony between exploration and my personal matters.”


“I navigate interactions with empathy, observing with objectivity and compassion.”


“Beyond possessions, I secure growth in my relationships, consciously managing resources for abundance.”


 “In the Full Moon’s light, I communicate and grow, balancing routine and exploration for self-discovery.”


 “I cleanse emotionally, planning for balance, building relationships on equal give-and-take.


“I align my connections with visions, balancing my personal and family dynamics for transformative growth.”


 “As Luna recognizes my achievements, I redefine my sense of security, balancing my personal and professional pursuits.”


“In my belief systems shifting, I pursue joy with values intact, embracing growth while staying true to myself.”


“As I address dependencies, I grow emotionally, navigating close relationships with grace.”


“The foundation of my relationships is in focus, and I articulate my feelings, integrating external forces with introspection.”

Navigating the Fomalhaut Stargate: A Journey Within

In the cosmic dance, Fomalhaut, one of the Royal Stars, takes center stage annually around February 22-24, aligning with our Sun and activating a sacred gateway of energy.

Inner Exploration with Fomalhaut:

This celestial event invites us to withdraw and embrace introspection. The Fomalhaut Stargate prompts moments of silence and reflective journaling, urging us to peel back layers and reconnect with our authentic selves.

Change and Transformation:

Fomalhaut, guardian of this celestial crossing, gracefully navigates between the realms of life and rebirth. It serves as a reminder that all things must transform, aligning with the cyclical nature of rebirth. To tap into the Fomalhaut Gateway is to breathe in a unique perspective, boost creative potential, and initiate transformative shifts in our lives.

Harnessing Fomalhaut’s Energy:

For those seeking a structured approach, a cord-cutting ritual under the Fomalhaut Gateway can amplify its energies. Ensure readiness for the process and follow these steps:

  1. Create an offering on your altar for Fomalhaut energies.
  2. Cleanse your aura and surroundings.
  3. Identify cords to cut, writing them down.
  4. State readiness to release and cut these cords.
  5. Invoke spirit guides, recite a release mantra, and visualize the cords gently releasing.
  6. Safely burn the paper and discard the remnants.
  7. Keep your altar active for at least 24 hours.

Share your experiences with the Fomalhaut Gateway in the comments below. May this celestial event guide you on a transformative journey within.

Happy and blessed Full Moon, Moonie!

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