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Full Moon in Libra 03/2024

Eclipse Season 2024 kicks off with a Partial Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the diplomatic sign of Libra on March 25th. Full Moon Eclipses act as a cosmic amplifier, intensifying the already potent energy of a regular Full Moon. It’s as though we’re experiencing Full Moon energy on steroids! These celestial events are believed to open portals to higher realms of consciousness, making them incredibly powerful moments in astrology.

Under the influence of this Libra Lunar Eclipse, we find ourselves at the threshold of closure. Whether it’s the conclusion of ingrained thought patterns, belief systems, or significant life chapters such as jobs or relationships, this eclipse urges us to bid farewell to the old and make way for the new.

Eclipses exert their influence uniquely on each individual, yet they are said to align us with our destined paths. This particular eclipse is part of a larger cosmic cycle that commenced in April 2023 and will continue until March 2025, with its next appearance scheduled for October of this year.

Libra, symbolized by the scales, invites us to reflect on the equilibrium between giving and receiving in our relationships. It encourages us to ponder whether we are authentically showing up in our connections with others and to explore the dynamics of empathy and understanding.

Relationships take center stage during this eclipse, beckoning us to examine our interactions with others. Rather than merely pointing fingers or assigning blame, it encourages us to delve deep within ourselves and unearth the valuable lessons concealed within challenging relational dynamics.

Values, governed by Venus—the ruling planet of Libra—come under scrutiny during this cosmic event. We’re prompted to evaluate whether our relationships align with our core values and whether our actions are congruent with them.

While this eclipse signifies endings, it also presents an opportunity for new beginnings. By visualizing and manifesting our ideal relationships, we can harness the transformative energy of the eclipse to release what no longer serves us and pave the way for personal growth and evolution.

In essence, the Libra Lunar Eclipse of 2024 prompts us to reevaluate our relationships, reassess our values, and recalibrate the balance between giving and receiving. While it may not provide all the answers, it serves as a catalyst for introspection, learning, and growth amidst its profound celestial influence.

Libra Lunar Eclipse Ritual 2024

Materials Needed:

– Aura cleansing tool of choice
– Candles
– Live Meditation
– Journal and Pen
– Libra Lunar Eclipse Reading


  1. Light your candles to create a sacred atmosphere. Begin by purifying your aura using your preferred cleansing tool. While cleansing, repeat the affirmation:

I cleanse myself from top to toe.

I cleanse myself so I glow.

I cleanse my heart, my mind, my soul;

I cleanse, so I am clear to grow.

I am light. I am lifted.

I am One. I am Love.

I am Light. I am in full balance.

Next, use the same cleansing tool to clear your space. You can focus on your ritual area or extend the cleansing to your entire home. While cleansing, repeat the following nine times:

I cleanse my space with light and loving energy.

I bring balance, peace, harmony, and love into this space.


  1. Join the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse live Meditation offline at Matsya Yoga Academy or online over Zoom at 20:45 (CET). Further Info you find here: www.oratis.app/events/ 25.03


  2. Once your meditation is complete, take your journal and select one of the following prompts:
  1. The things I value the most are…
  2. I am incredibly lucky because…
  3. The darkness I feel is teaching me…
  4. It’s time to say goodbye to…
  5. I best feel supported when…

Write for at least 20 minutes, allowing your thoughts to flow freely. Even if you stray from the prompt, keep writing to encourage subconscious insights to emerge.

  1. After journaling, take a moment to reflect on what surfaced during your writing session.


  2. Conclude the ritual by performing your Libra Lunar Eclipse Reading. Reflect on any insights gained from the card you selected.


  3. Your ritual is now complete. Extinguish the candles to close the sacred space.

May you receive abundant Lunar Eclipse blessings!

Message for your Sign

You can read it for your sun sign, rising sign and moon sign. 


Love, friendship, and family take center stage for you, Aries, as the lunar eclipse activates your seventh astrological house of partnership and one-on-one connections. Whether single or coupled, you may feel inclined to embark on new relationships or renegotiate the terms of existing ones. Be prepared for fated changes in your relationship dynamics, whether it’s resolving family conflicts or reassessing friendships. Use discernment to distinguish fulfilling connections from those you’ve outgrown.


Your daily routines and habits are up for transformation, Taurus, as the lunar eclipse traverses your sixth house of routines, responsibility, and health. Take stock of how your habits impact your overall well-being and embrace healthier choices. Whether wrapping up a major project or committing to self-care, honor your boundaries to avoid overcommitment in your relationships.


Celebration and joy fill the air, Gemini, as the lunar eclipse dances through your fifth house of pleasure, romance, and creativity. Embrace the present moment and express gratitude for the life you’ve built. Whether deepening a romantic connection or letting go of relationships that no longer serve you, embrace passion and vibrancy in your endeavors.


Prepare for profound shifts in your domestic life, Cancer, as the lunar eclipse illuminates your fourth house of home, family, and foundations. Whether moving homes or resolving family conflicts, embrace change and liberation from past patterns. Expand your family or career horizons as you step into a new chapter of growth and empowerment.


Your voice holds immense power, Leo, as the lunar eclipse activates your third house of communication and relationships with siblings and friends. Speak your truth and advocate for your worth in your interactions. Navigate shifts in your relationships with loved ones, whether deepening connections or addressing unresolved issues. Embrace pivotal conversations and revelations that shape your relationships.


Significant changes in your resources and income are on the horizon, Virgo, with the lunar eclipse igniting your second house of resources and finances. Whether transitioning careers or receiving overdue recognition, embrace opportunities for growth and stability. Take pride in your talents and accomplishments as you navigate financial decisions and investments.


It’s time to prioritize self-care and personal growth, Libra, as the lunar eclipse graces your first house of self and new beginnings. Reestablish balance in your relationships by honoring your needs and desires. Whether entering new partnerships or embarking on solo adventures, embrace authenticity and vulnerability. Reflect on your journey and set intentions for the future as you embrace new beginnings.


Explore your subconscious and embrace transformation, Scorpio, as the lunar eclipse casts light on your twelfth house of closure and intuition. Dive deep into your inner world and release limiting patterns and behaviors. Embrace growth and healing as you navigate transitions with compassion and self-awareness.


Prepare for shifts in your social circles and aspirations, Sagittarius, as the lunar eclipse illuminates your eleventh house of friendships and dreams for the future. Embrace changes in your friendships and communities, trusting in the alignment of new connections. Celebrate milestones and progress towards your personal goals with gratitude and optimism.


Embrace new opportunities for recognition and leadership, Capricorn, as the lunar eclipse activates your tenth house of career and milestones. Whether transitioning careers or embracing new roles, trust in your abilities and aspirations. Navigate changes in your important relationships with grace and authenticity, paving the way for personal growth and success.


Share your wisdom and embrace new perspectives, Aquarius, as the lunar eclipse shines light on your ninth house of learning and expansion. Whether sharing your knowledge or embarking on new adventures, embrace opportunities for growth and connection. Navigate changes in your relationships with openness and curiosity, fostering collaborative endeavors and mutual understanding.


Embrace vulnerability and emotional honesty, Pisces, as the lunar eclipse illuminates your eighth house of intimacy, shared resources, and transformation. Dive deep into your inner world and confront any lingering fears, shame, or grief that you’ve been avoiding. Take the courageous step of addressing your past and shadow aspects, allowing space for healing and growth.

Honor your emotions and share your truth with trusted loved ones, as opening up can be deeply cathartic during this transformative period. Remember that you deserve support and reciprocity in your relationships, just as you offer it to others. Allow yourself to receive the nurturing and understanding that you freely give to those around you.

Affirmation for your sign


“I embrace fulfilling connections and discern what serves my growth.”


“I honor healthy routines and boundaries for my well-being.”


“I celebrate joy and passion in every moment of life.”


“I embrace change and liberation in my home and heart.”


“I speak my truth with confidence and authenticity.”


“I attract abundance and stability into my life.”


“I prioritize self-care and nurture authentic connections.”


“I release limiting patterns and embrace transformation.”


“I welcome new friendships and align with my aspirations.”


“I embrace recognition and lead with authenticity.”


 “I share my wisdom and embrace new perspectives.”


“I honor my emotions and receive support with openness.”


Blessed Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

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