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New Moon in Aries 04/2024

On April 8th, 2024, the cosmos orchestrates a momentous event—a Total Solar Eclipse in the dynamic sign of Aries. This celestial spectacle, among the most powerful occurrences of the year, sets the stage for profound transformations, shaping the trajectory of our lives over the ensuing 18 months.

Eclipses, with their mystique and intensity, herald pivotal shifts in consciousness and life direction. The Total Solar Eclipse, reaching the zenith of its potency, imbues the New Moon with an unparalleled vigor, akin to a cosmic ignition sparking a cascade of change.

Aligned with the fresh beginnings symbolized by the New Moon, this eclipse serves as a cosmic springboard, propelling us into uncharted territories and unveiling new potentials. As it unfolds against the backdrop of Aries, the sign of initiation and courage, expect the emergence of novel pathways, the dissolution of obstacles, and a clarion call to embrace innovation.

Within the profound energies of this Eclipse lies the promise of new opportunities, beckoning us to step into unexplored realms of existence. Whether through subtle nudges or dramatic entrances, the universe invites us to surrender to the currents of transformation, trusting in the divine orchestration of our journeys.

Harnessing the power of intention-setting during this celestial event amplifies our co-creative abilities, enabling us to align our desires with the unfolding cosmic dance. With the Aries Solar Eclipse coinciding with the North Node, it heralds a future-oriented energy, urging us to cast our vision beyond the horizon of the known, daring to dream bold dreams and charting uncharted territories of the soul.

Yet, amidst the cosmic spectacle, the presence of Chiron in Aries casts a profound shadow, beckoning us to confront our deepest wounds and embrace the transformative power of healing. As the wounded healer, Chiron reminds us that our scars are not symbols of weakness but portals to wisdom and resilience, guiding us towards wholeness and self-discovery.

As the Eclipse’s path meanders across the South Pacific Ocean, North and Central America, and parts of South America, these regions are poised to become focal points of cosmic significance in the months ahead. In the tapestry of global events, Solar Eclipses have traditionally been regarded as celestial harbingers, influencing the trajectory of nations and world leaders.

In summary, the
Aries Total Solar Eclipse heralds a cosmic symphony of:

New beginnings and transformative odysseys

– Opportunities for radical reinvention and soulful emergence

– The manifestation of long-held dreams and aspirations

– The alchemical power of healing and self-renewal

– Potential global reverberations, particularly in realms of leadership and governance


Embrace the celestial currents of this Eclipse, dear Moonie, for within its luminous embrace lies the promise of rebirth, growth, and the endless possibilities of the cosmic dance.

Aries Total Solar Eclipse Ritual 2024

This ritual is most potent when performed before sunset on April 8th or 9th, though it can be conducted anytime up until April 22nd.


You Will Need:

  • An aura cleansing tool of your choice (such as essential oil sprays, dried herb sticks, or incense)
  • Solar Eclipse Meditation
  • Paper and pen
  • Candle
  • Bowl of Water
  • Optional: Crystal



1.) Light your candle and commence by purifying your aura. Utilize your chosen aura cleansing tool, starting from the crown of your head and moving downward, ensuring to cleanse the soles of your feet as well. As you cleanse, recite the following affirmation:

I open myself to the loving energies surrounding me. I ask for guidance as I release all that no longer serves me. May my energy be uplifted and vibrant. I stand in my purest light. Thank you.


2.) Extend the cleansing ritual to your living space. Begin at your front door and proceed through your home, allowing any negative energy to dissipate through an open window. As you cleanse, affirm:

I cleanse this space with light and love. Only positivity may enter here. My home is a sanctuary of peace and renewal.


3.) If you’ve chosen to use a crystal, hold it close and settle into your meditation space. Engage in the Solar Eclipse Meditation, allowing your heart to open to the flow of cosmic energies. (Find the meditation audio in our exclusive Sacred Lunar Rituals channel on Telegram: Join now!)


4.) Upon completing your meditation, take a piece of paper and jot down ten manifestations you wish to cultivate over the next 18 months. Speak your desires aloud, infusing them with intention and conviction.


5.) Tear the paper into strips and consecrate each strip by passing it through the candle flame before dropping it into the bowl of water. As the flames consume the paper, visualize releasing your intentions into the universe, allowing them to unfold in divine timing.


6.) If you’ve opted for a crystal, submerge it in the bowl of water and gently stir it clockwise three times. Leave the bowl in sunlight for approximately an hour to infuse the water with solar energy.


7.) While your bowl charges, seek guidance from the oracle card provided in our exclusive sacred moon ritual community channel. Reflect on any insights or messages revealed to you.


8.) Discard the water and remnants of the paper, drying off your crystal and keeping it close for the next three days as a symbol of your intentions and connection to the eclipse energies.


Your ritual is complete! May the blessings of the Solar Eclipse illuminate your path forward.

New Moon Solar Eclipse Message

You can read it for your sun sign, rising sign and moon sign. 


Feeling shortchanged can be disheartening, Aries. It’s like buying a product only to realize it didn’t meet your expectations. Instead of dwelling on disappointments, focus on refining your approach and highlighting your strengths. Do you project the image you desire to the world? Now’s the time to market yourself authentically.


Beware of falling into the trap of “shoulds,” Taurus. Self-criticism based on unrealistic expectations can lead you down a path of dissatisfaction. Embrace forgiveness and let go of rigid notions of what your life should look like. Acceptance of your journey as it unfolds is key to finding contentment.


Your circle profoundly influences your journey, Gemini. Surround yourself with individuals who uplift and motivate you. Evaluate whether your relationships contribute positively to your growth. Direct your energy toward connections that nurture and inspire you to reach your full potential.


Create a reflection board to honor your journey, Cancer. Celebrate your achievements and strengths, acknowledging your progress along the way. Embracing your capabilities fosters self-awareness and resilience, reminding you of your innate worth.


Knowledge is power when shared, Leo. Instead of hoarding information, cultivate a spirit of generosity and collaboration. Extend understanding to others and empower them through your insights. Your willingness to support and uplift others will amplify your influence and impact.


Life isn’t always fair, Virgo, and it’s okay to acknowledge your pain. Allow yourself to process difficult experiences without judgment. Embrace your emotions and seek growth through acceptance and resilience. Your capacity to navigate challenges with grace is a testament to your strength.


Embrace the journey of self-discovery, Libra, without fear of heartbreak. Take the time to explore your desires and preferences in relationships. Honor your authenticity and pursue connections aligned with your true self. Embracing your unique path leads to genuine fulfillment.


Avoid getting lost in overthinking, Scorpio. Instead of dwelling on uncertainties, focus on taking practical steps toward your goals. Practice self-care and mindfulness to cultivate inner peace and clarity. Trust in your ability to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and grace.


Prepare for unexpected reunions or reconciliations, Sagittarius. Embrace opportunities to resolve past conflicts or misunderstandings with openness and honesty. Demonstrate your growth through meaningful actions, affirming your commitment to positive change.


Prioritize balance between work and home life, Capricorn. Take stock of your domestic environment and family relationships, ensuring their well-being. Slow down and attend to the foundational aspects of your life, fostering stability and harmony.


Harness the power of self-affirmations, Aquarius. Embrace positive affirmations to reinforce your confidence and self-belief. Trust in your ability to navigate life’s twists and turns with resilience and adaptability. Claim ownership of your desires and affirm your capacity to manifest them.


Find solace in self-reflection, Pisces. Explore the stories behind your possessions, gaining insight into your identity and values. Embrace your unique journey and resist the urge to conform to societal expectations. Honor your individuality and seek fulfillment on your own terms.

Your Affirmation for your sign

You can affirm it for your sun sign, rising sign and moon sign. 


I authentically market my strengths to the world.”


 “I release ‘shoulds’ and embrace forgiveness.


 “I surround myself with supportive energies.


 “I celebrate my journey and honor my capabilities.


 “I empower others through sharing knowledge.”


 “I acknowledge my pain and embrace growth.”


 “I pursue authentic connections aligned with my true self.


 “I focus on practical steps toward my goals.


I embrace opportunities for positive change.


 “I prioritize balance and harmony in all aspects of my life.


I affirm my confidence and manifest my desires.


 “I honor my uniqueness and seek fulfillment on my own terms.

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