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New Moon in Cancer 07/2023

On July 17, 2023, the Cancer New Moon coincides with the shifting of the Lunar Nodes into Aries and Libra, marking the beginning of a new 18-month karmic cycle.

This convergence of the Cancer New Moon and the Lunar Nodes brings forth a period of intensified karmic energy. It presents an opportunity for us to observe the subtle signs and hints provided by the Universe, guiding us towards a path that fosters the growth and evolution of our soul.

During this New Moon phase, we may also encounter fresh experiences and opportunities that align with our sense of purpose. It is crucial to pay attention to the stirrings and manifestations under this lunar influence, as they serve as signposts pointing us in the direction that the Universe intends for us to follow.

Embracing the New Moon’s energy is always conducive to setting intentions, but during July’s New Moon, it is particularly powerful to craft our intentions and ideas from a place of inner trust.

This process entails introspection, allowing ourselves to sit with our thoughts and visions while tapping into our inner knowing and intuition. Although the answers may not immediately present themselves, practicing patience is an integral part of this transformative journey.

Creating intentions from a place of inner knowing involves surrendering to the process and having faith that the right inspiration and solutions will materialize when the time is ripe. It requires relinquishing control and trusting that ease and flow will naturally follow.

The Moon finds its home in Cancer, making it easier for us to attain a state of ease during this New Moon. Cancer is closely associated with the Moon and represents our emotions, feelings of safety and security, and the nurturing aspects of our lives. It embodies feminine energy and resonates with our intuitive side.

With the Moon in its favored sign, we may experience a heightened connection and attunement to our emotions and feminine qualities. It becomes more accessible to explore and delve into our inner emotional landscape, to sit with our true feelings, and to allow any underlying emotions to surface for release and healing.

This New Moon may also trigger issues related to our relationship with our mother or the concept of mothering itself. Painful memories from childhood might resurface, and it may be necessary to restore balance to our maternal instincts. The mother’s wound may also stimulate concerns about comfort and security.

Do we feel grounded and secure within ourselves? Can we provide self-comfort and restore our equilibrium when needed? Cancer energy, akin to the Divine Mother archetype, is nurturing and caring, offering the support and stability we crave in the vast external world.

However, Cancer also embodies bravery, sourced from pure love. When we love ourselves unconditionally, it becomes natural to advocate for our well-being, to care for ourselves in times of need, and to gather the courage to enact necessary changes.

During the Cancer New Moon, we can tap into this self-love energy, cultivating feelings of bravery, confidence, and inner strength.

Under this New Moon, Pluto, the planet associated with death and rebirth, exerts a significant influence. We may undergo subtle transformations, primarily on an emotional level. Pluto is currently in retrograde, prompting us to revisit events and themes that emerged since October of the previous year. Emotionally charged issues from around October 2022 may resurface, providing an opportunity for resolution or heightened awareness.

Additionally, Venus, the Goddess of love, beauty, and money, approaches its upcoming retrograde period. Although Venus retrograde officially begins on July 22, its energy may already be palpable during the Cancer New Moon.

Venus Retrograde is a time of heart healing, and we may receive glimpses of the healing process that awaits us once Venus embarks on its retrograde journey.

Given these celestial dynamics, the Cancer New Moon may evoke heightened sensitivity. We must be cautious about which emotions we choose to cling to and with whom we surround ourselves during this time.

This New Moon beckons us to be gentle with ourselves, to envelop ourselves in our own warmth, and to nurture ourselves in the ways that only we know how.

Cancer New Moon Ritual

The Cancer New Moon is approaching on the highly significant day of July 17, 2023. This celestial event coincides with a significant shift of the Lunar Nodes, marking the beginning and end of a karmic cycle that has spanned almost two years.

Under the influence of this New Moon, the energy of karma will be particularly potent. We may experience a sense of being pulled and pushed in new directions. Fresh opportunities may arise, and we may also undergo internal shifts and transformations that guide us along a new path.

If you wish to delve deeper into the energies of the July 2023 Cancer New Moon, you can find additional information here. Furthermore, if you desire to work more intimately with these energies, I offer a ritual below that aims to nourish your mind, body, and soul while fortifying and restoring your connection with the Divine Mother within. I hope you find it enriching.

Cancer New Moon Divine Mother Ritual

Best performed between July 13-23, 2023

You will need:

  1. Emotional Healing Meditation
  2. Colored pencils or markers
  3. Blank sheet of paper
  4. Glass of drinking water


  1. Begin by engaging in the Emotional Healing Meditation. This meditation employs specific hand positions to channel subtle healing frequencies into the body. It is a gentle and relaxing practice that will prepare you for the remainder of the ritual. 
    Click here for the meditation
  1. After completing the meditation, take your paper and colored pencils or markers. Choose someone dear to your heart, whether they are currently alive or not. For a deeper healing experience, consider selecting your mother (even if your relationship is strained). Working with your mother or addressing the “mother wound” during the Cancer New Moon can aid in repairing your connection with feminine energy, attracting higher love, fostering heart healing, and reestablishing self-nourishment.
  1. Close your eyes and bring the person you have chosen, such as your mother, into your awareness. Meditate for a moment, envisioning yourself sending profound love, comfort, forgiveness, and strength to this individual. Engage in this meditation for 10-15 minutes.
  1. Open your eyes and begin drawing a symbol that represents the bond and connection you share with this person. If you are working on healing a strained relationship, visualize the symbol based on your ideal scenario. Infuse the symbol with all your energy, thoughts, and emotions. Create a simple or elaborate design according to your preference.
  1. Once you have completed your symbol, meditate upon it for a moment. Allow any thoughts, feelings, or emotions that have arisen to settle within you. Place your symbol near your bed and meditate on it for a few minutes every night for the following three nights. The longer you can dedicate to this practice, the more beneficial it will be.
  1. For the final step and to conclude the ritual, take the glass of water in both hands. Chose your favorite gemstone/crystal (e.g. Moonstone, Selenite) and place it on your body. Recite the following mantra four times:

I am connected to the Divine Mother. I am supported by the Divine Mother. I am healed by the Divine Mother. I am at peace with all that I am. I am one with the love that blossoms within my heart. My spirit and soul are active, continuously guiding me towards the highest light.

Drink the entire glass of water. Hold your gemstone/crystal in your hands. Thank yourself for taking time for yourself and send gratitude to the Universe.

You have now completed the ritual. May the blessings of the New Moon be with you!

Lots of Love and Light!

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