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Aquarius Super Full Moon 08/2023

A Portal to Healing and Renewal

On August 1st, we will be graced by the presence of the Aquarius Full Moon, heralding the start of an auspicious month. With a lunar cycle of 29.5 days, August 30th promises us another celestial spectacle, a Blue Moon in the sign of Pisces. Both of these Full Moons are set to be Super Moons, drawing closer to Earth and intensifying their influence on our lives.

Embracing the energies of these Super Moons, we will experience a compelling urge to release, detoxify, and let go of everything that no longer resonates with our true selves. By the end of August, we may find ourselves with an empty space, both physically and emotionally, allowing room for new beginnings.

The Aquarius Super Full Moon on August 1st will serve as the gateway to this transformative journey. It carries a gentle and healing vibration, guiding us lovingly as we shed the weight of burdens that hold us back.

Under this Full Moon’s influence, we are likely to experience potent healing energies, particularly in matters of the heart. Venus, the planet of love, being in the midst of her retrograde journey, will amplify this heart-healing energy. We might encounter intense emotions, heartbreak, grief, and disappointments surfacing to the forefront. Although the process leading up to the Full Moon might be overwhelming, a sense of relief is likely to follow its passage.

Aquarius, often associated with the water bearer, is an air sign, focusing energy around our minds. During this time, it may be challenging to break free from overthinking and mental restlessness. To find solace, we may need to pause and actively engage with our thoughts. Writing them down, confiding in a friend, or simply conversing with our mental chatter can bring relief.

The water bearer symbolism of Aquarius offers a unique gift of transmuting mental chatter, emotions, and psychic debris, transforming them into a state of neutrality. In this state, clarity and alignment are attainable, leading to better decision-making.

While the process might not always be straightforward, remember that healing energies are at your disposal, and the Full Moon will support your journey, especially in letting go of things that no longer serve you.

Adding to the healing vibrations of this Full Moon, the asteroid Chariklo will also be highly active. Chariklo’s influence revolves around spirit medicine, guiding us to find the right healing modalities for ourselves, be it a walk in nature, a supplement, meditation, or herbal remedies. She reminds us of the potent healing power of our bodies and encourages us to embrace the gifts of Mother Nature, such as herbs, healing foods, crystals, and the elements.

Under the Aquarius Super Full Moon, replenishing your mind, body, and soul may be best achieved through spending time in nature and selecting nourishing foods and herbs, guided by your intuition.

As this Full Moon reaches its peak, we will step into the Lionsgate Portal, activating on August 8th. This portal aligns with the rising of Sirius, our Spiritual Sun, bringing a surge of healing energy to further aid our journey. With such potent lunar energy swirling around and the portal’s influence arriving shortly after, this Full Moon becomes a powerful opportunity for clearing and resetting our systems.

Harness this celestial energy to cleanse, detoxify, and release negative thought patterns. Embrace the Aquarian water bearer’s essence by returning to your zero state point, where everything feels more manageable, and from there, experience the ease of renewal and rejuvenation.

Your Divine Message

You can read it for your sun sign, rising sign and moon sign.

Aries β™ˆ

Your moment of fulfillment will center around your involvement in the community and your pursuit of personal freedom. The Full Moon in Aquarius will reach its peak in your socially conscious 11th house, highlighting your ideals, friendships, and sense of belonging in the world. If you encounter obstacles in your daily life, don’t lose heart. The positive news is that your ruling planet, Mars, will be in a harmonious alignment with lucky Jupiter, bringing you closer to emotional satisfaction and a sense of stability. Additionally, Saturn will continue to guide you in the art of faith and surrender, offering valuable lessons along the way.

Taurus ♉

During this full moon, the source of your authority and professional pursuits will take center stage. It will illuminate your 10th house, which represents your reputation and public image – a significant point in your birth chart. The exciting part is that fortunate Jupiter is gracing your Venusian domain and forming a harmonious trine with ambitious Mars in your fifth house of love, passion, and self-expression. Whether it’s in your personal life or career, you are filled with inspiration to embrace necessary risks, and the celestial forces are firmly supporting your endeavors. You are on a path of transformation and creating a significant impact.

Gemini β™Š

A new world beckons, and you feel a strong urge to explore uncharted territories, Gemini. Although you might not be able to pinpoint the exact reason, something deep within you knows that the time for this venture has arrived. Whether it pertains to your personal life or professional endeavors, you may find yourself questioning your sense of security, partly due to Mercury (your ruling planet) opposing Saturn. However, trust your instincts during this time, as they are reliable guides.

As Uranus traverses through your secretive 12th house, you might feel drawn to make moves in a more discreet manner. There’s nothing wrong with that approach, especially as a grounding Mars-Jupiter trine intuitively steers you in the right direction. Embrace this opportunity for self-discovery and embrace a new world where you can freely express your individuality. Exciting prospects await as you embark on this journey of exploration.

Cancer β™‹

You’re introspectively examining your intimate relationships and shared resources, including friendships and emotional connections in the virtual space. It’s a time to assess if any connections have reached their expiration date or if unconventional sources of income need reevaluation. Thankfully, a supportive Mars-Jupiter trine offers assistance from peers and a path towards your soul purpose. Although the logistics may not be clear initially, trust your intuitive downloads for financial and creative potentials.

Leo β™Œ

As a natural leader, the upcoming full moon ignites your committed seventh house of agreements and compromise, prompting you to be brutally honest with yourself about future commitments. Venus retrograde in Leo urges introspection to clarify your core values personally and professionally. Strive for balance between the divine feminine and sacred masculine energies within you, and don’t neglect areas of life that need equal give and take.

Virgo ♍

To ground your long-term visions and dreams, embrace courage and surrender. The moon in your sixth house supports clarity and insight for your future endeavors, especially if they involve significant partnerships or commitments. However, be aware of Mercury’s opposition to Saturn retrograde, which might trigger hesitation or restriction in communication. Lean on the invigorating Mars-Jupiter trine in your sign, as some risks are worth taking.

Libra β™Ž

The full moon in Aquarius influences your fifth house of love, passion, and self-expression, urging reflection on ventures and commitments aligned with your ideals and sense of belonging. Mercury’s opposition to Saturn may cause uncertainty in your day-to-day affairs, but Venus retrograde helps you reevaluate your newly found value systems.

Scorpio ♏

Under this full moon, you redefine home and family matters, contemplating possible relocations or renewing apartment leases. Uranus and Saturn retrograde encourage reestablishing your sense of security within agreements and partnerships. Reflect on the support and foundation you need to take the lead confidently.

Sagittarius ♐

You’re urged to contribute to your local community or improve relationships with siblings, but Saturn retrograde might challenge your work-life balance. Embrace support from peers, take courage, and allow changes in your daily routine for your highest good.

Capricorn β™‘

The full moon in your second house emphasizes the value of commitments and stability. Saturn’s opposition to Mercury adds uncertainty, particularly for those considering relocation or long-term commitments. The Mars-Jupiter trine supports recognition and celebration, validating your forward movement

Aquarius β™’

This full moon shines brightly in your sign, encouraging introspection and honoring your emotions. Your intentions from the new moon in January come to fruition, with emphasis on your overall sense of security, possibly related to your living situation or family investment. Be aware of financial stress due to Mercury’s opposition to Saturn, but other energies will support your full-circle moment.

Pisces β™“

This full moon invites you to explore your inner psyche, emphasizing your life behind the scenes and the need for rest, privacy, and coping mechanisms. Set boundaries as needed and navigate any communication blockages with significant others. A grounded Mars-Jupiter trine supports your forward movement as long as you remain true to yourself.

Your Aquarius Full Moon Ritual

Incorporate the essence of the zodiac into your new and full moon rituals to inspire and guide you. As the Aquarius energy takes the stage, consider infusing your altar and ritual with corresponding elements, colors, crystals, and more.

Before starting, cleanse your space and yourself of stagnant energy. Use various methods such as burning herbs, lighting candles, visualizing cleansing, or trying a salt spray. Select what resonates with you the best or come up with your own ideas.

1) Breathe

Initiate your Aquarius full moon ritual by taking deep breaths, embracing the purifying and energizing qualities of the air element associated with Aquarius. With each inhale and exhale, visualize letting go of burdens, feeling lighter, stronger, and more compassionate.

2) Let go

Reflect on thoughts, beliefs, patterns, and habits that no longer serve you and hinder your growth. Create a list of these aspects, then symbolically release them. You can burn the list using a candle flame or cast it into a fire, visualizing these limitations leaving your being.

3) Express yourself

On this full moon in Aquarius, an invitation awaits you to connect with your truth and express yourself freely, despite any fears. Explore ways to embrace deeper self-expression. This could mean wearing something authentic, having honest conversations with friends, asserting your desires with a clear yes or no, or standing up for something (or someone) important to you.

4) Connect

Embrace connection as a vital part of your Aquarius full moon ritual. Consider joining a virtual or in-person full moon circle, or create one yourself. Make plans to meet with loved ones, enjoy the outdoors if possible, and revel in the company of your community, soul family, or tribe. Allow yourself to immerse in the sense of belonging.

As you embrace the energy of the Aquarius Full Moon, let this ritual guide you towards transformation, authenticity, and growth, creating a magical space for your inner journey.

Your Full Moon Affirmation

You can affirm it for your sun sign, rising sign and moon sign. Remember, affirmations are personal and can be tailored to resonate with your specific goals and intentions. Feel free to modify them as needed to make them truly meaningful to you.

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