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New Moon in Leo 08/2023

The Empowering Energy of the Leo New Moon of August 2023

The Leo New Moon, gracing us on August 16th, 2023, ushers in a fresh lunar cycle, inviting renewal and emotional evolution. This celestial event empowers us to cleanse emotional slates and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

As the cosmic cycle renews, it’s an opportune moment for self-reflection and intention-setting. Aligning with Leo’s energy, let us prioritize simplicity, embracing the lighter aspects of life. Leo’s essence resonates with joy, and this New Moon encourages us to rekindle forgotten passions and prioritize delight.

Leo’s energy highlights authenticity, urging us to simplify our emotional landscapes. What areas of life could use a dose of simplicity? Where are we overcomplicating situations or allowing emotions to eclipse our clarity?

The August New Moon’s energies intertwine with the ongoing Venus retrograde, magnifying its influence. If Venus retrograde has been impacting you, this New Moon could bring about significant developments. This period prompts us to reevaluate relationships and self-worth.

Intricacies within relationships and money-related matters surface under Venus retrograde’s gaze. We’re urged to set boundaries, navigate conflicts, and discern when to release. This phase might uncover blockages in giving and receiving love, as relationships mirror our inner struggles.

Venus retrograde syncs with Black Moon Lilith, channeling feminine strength and self-worth. This synergy empowers us to stand in our truth and assert our boundaries. While ego challenges may arise, we’re guided to tap into our inner power.

Simultaneously, Uranus, the “Great Awakener“, comes into play, adding an element of unpredictability. This infusion of cosmic energy could bring unsettling news, particularly related to relationships. Despite any chaos, remember that planets trigger rather than cause events. Uranus’ influence can catalyze change, bringing opportunities for new beginnings.

Underneath these dynamic influences, focus on simplicity and self-care. The Leo New Moon’s energies encourage us to embrace joy and lightness. Embrace the awakening energy, trusting that even amidst disruptions, there lies an opportunity to grow, simplify, and move forward with authenticity.

Leo New Moon Ritual

Best performed between August 11-26, 2023


  • Pen and paper
  • Aura cleansing tool (herb smoke, incense, bells, selenite wand, etc.)
  • Chakra Reset Meditation
  • A self-gift (flowers, chocolate, journal, slippers, crystal, etc.



  1. Self-Love Gift: Initiate the ritual by selecting or creating a gift for yourself. Infused with self-love, this gesture symbolizes appreciation for your journey. Regardless of size, let it represent a touch of Leo luxury. Place the gift on your altar, where it brings joy each time you see or use it. If edible, savor it at the ritual’s end; if a crystal, hold it during steps 3 or 5.

  2. Aura Cleansing: Begin with aura cleansing. As you use your chosen tool, recite: “I cleanse from head to toe, energy flow, burdens go. Stagnant energy release, my aura vibrates, finding peace. Renewed, I stand, lightness expands.” Extend this cleansing to your space if desired.

  3. Write Your Chapter: Armed with paper and pen, script the upcoming chapter of your life. Spanning weeks, months, or even a year, envision your journey. You’re the protagonist; where would you like life to lead you? Merge reality with imagination, capturing aspirations and feelings.

  4. Reflect and Set Intentions: Contemplate the insights unveiled. Did anything surprise you? Does your envisioned chapter ignite excitement? Embrace your thoughts. Establish goals and intentions, mapping the path to manifest your aspirations.

  5. Chakra Reset Meditation: Grant yourself permission to release the energy invested in your writing. Sink into comfort and embark on a chakra reset meditation.

  6. Completing the Ritual: As the chakra meditation concludes, so does the ritual. Remain open to continued insights and “ah-ha” moments throughout the week.

  7. Embrace Your Gift: Your ritual culminates in enjoying the self-love gift. This physical reminder of the ritual’s intentions further anchors your journey.

Leo New Moon Blessings to You!

Insights for the New Moon in Leo Based on Your Astrological Signs

Read it for your sun sign, moon sign, or rising sign. 


The forthcoming new moon in Leo will shine a light on your fifth house, which governs authenticity, celebration, and hobbies. This lunar event in August will prompt you to reevaluate your perception of happiness. Whether in terms of creativity, love, or romance, this is your chance to start anew and reconnect with genuine joy. Despite a challenging aspect with rebellious Uranus, embracing this fresh start might push you out of your comfort zone. The influence of Mars, your celestial ruler, transiting through detail-oriented Virgo and activating your sixth house of diligence, means you possess the mindset and resourcefulness to navigate chaos and unexpected changes to make this new beginning successful.


As the moon renews itself in your fourth house, associated with family, emotional foundations, and inner sentiments, you’re presented with a clean slate concerning your concept of home. Whether related to family dynamics or personal restructuring, this lunar event encourages you to reconsider your home life. However, expect a clash with disruptive Uranus in your sign, igniting a desire for liberation from past patterns. Venus, your celestial ruler, is retrograde in your fourth house, adding a layer of introspection to this new chapter.


Communication is your forte, but this new moon prompts you to evaluate your approach and authenticity in expressing yourself. Whether in social interactions or your thought patterns, this lunation encourages confident and unapologetic self-expression. New moons symbolize potential, urging you to assess your communication dynamics. Despite a confrontation with Uranus in your chart’s secretive area, which can lead to disruptions or unexpected changes, remember you can rely on your inner circle for support, even if it means embracing vulnerability.


The new moon’s renewal in Leo, occurring in your second house related to finances, values, and stability, emphasizes the importance of valuing yourself and your blessings. This lunar event encourages you to step into a leadership role in approaching these aspects of your life. Whether it’s a new financial endeavor or capitalizing on your talents, this could be your cue. However, the new moon’s opposition to Uranus might trigger unexpected shifts in your social circles. Your role within your community is in focus.


Celebrate your solar return and the exciting new opportunities that come with the new moon in your sign. Taking place in your fixed domain, this lunar event ushers in fresh energies that can elevate your personal life on multiple levels. Be it mental, emotional, or physical, your lunar makeover starts now. Remember that Venus is still retrograde in your sign, so avoid major beauty changes. The new moon’s opposition with Uranus might bring unforeseen changes, particularly concerning your sense of authority. Stay resilient, as the support of Mars and Mercury in Virgo aids you in your financial sector.


Embrace self-care as you step away from the daily grind. With the new moon in Leo renewing energies in your 12th house, which relates to closure, inhibitions, secrets, and unconscious patterns, prioritizing rest and rejuvenation is crucial. This period is ideal for enjoying solitude or exploring mystical pursuits. Mars and Mercury transiting your sign support wellness and mindfulness. Despite the new moon’s clash with Uranus, prompting unexpected questions about your beliefs, stay open-minded and avoid hasty conclusions.


Consider how to utilize your talents for the greater good as the new moon in Leo renews energies in your 11th house, focused on associations, community affairs, and individual freedom. Venus’ retrograde influence adds reflection to this renewal, urging you to evaluate your friendships and community support. Long-term goals and dreams come into focus, with the new moon’s Uranus square aiding you in shedding what no longer serves.


Amp up your career pursuits as the new moon in Leo energizes your 10th house, associated with your career, reputation, and notoriety. Venus’ presence since July encourages a reevaluation of professional partnerships and values. The new chapter that awaits might bring fulfillment if you align with your true calling. While the new moon opposes Uranus, potentially stirring chaos in relationships, lean on your community for support, aided by Mars and Mercury in Virgo.


Dream big and take the lead with the new moon in Leo renewing energies in your expansive ninth house, linked to travel, education, and self-discovery. Whether through travel or entrepreneurship, possibilities abound. While the new moon opposes Uranus, bringing disruptions to your routine, the support of Mars and Mercury in Virgo empowers you to stay focused and resilient.


Your strategic approach to investments shines as the new moon in Leo renews energies in your eighth house, touching on intimacy, mergers, and shared resources. Venus’ retrograde influence prompts considerations about financial and relationship dynamics. Beware the new moon’s Uranus opposition, causing unexpected shifts; take care in committing. With Mars and Mercury’s support in Virgo, your adaptability and skills are your strengths.


Your relationships take center stage as the new moon in Leo renews energies in your seventh house, emphasizing compromise and agreements. Whether personal or professional, a fresh start is on the horizon. Venus’ retrograde influence prompts reflections on relationship dynamics. Despite Uranus’ opposition to the new moon, causing upheavals, Mars and Mercury’s harmonious presence aids in simplifying matters.


Elevate your daily routine’s emotional fulfillment with the new moon in Leo renewing energies in your day-to-day life. Whether at work or health-related, embrace creative endeavors and new habits. Venus’ retrograde prompts evaluation of values, relationships, and finances. Expect the new moon’s square to Uranus to spark insights, offering the key to the blissful life you seek, promoting freedom of choice.

Your New Moon Affirmation

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