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Full Moon in Virgo 03/2023

Full Moon in Virgo

While Pisces is the final Sign of the Zodiac and the symbol of the expansive collective unconscious, Virgo, its opposite Sign, is the sign of systems and the nitty-gritty detail s of life. Virgo’s values are often misunderstood as insignificant, maybe even annoying, but the Earth Sign knows that their skills are the building blocks necessary to make something great, something that’s part of the bigger picture. Due to astrologers the Virgo Full Moon rewards clarity, focus, and hard boundaries. Have a look in your birth chart and check where Virgo is placed. In these areas you will eventually see that the rewards are yours to reap.

All Full Moons bring many changes, this one is the last one in the astrological circle before the new year starts with the spring equinox. Let go of previous hurts. This Full Moon in the Sign of Virgo brings strong healing energies. Embrace your wounds and send healing energies during tonight’s Full Moon. We have the capacity to use our inner strength and power to mend our heartache or physical ailments that we are coming with. Saturn wants us to move forward. 

The Full Moon in Virgo hits its peak with Saturn and Pluto in the final degrees, which is massively important in Astrology. It is the last moment before both planets are going into a new Sign. It is the last heavy culmination before a big release. Saturn begins its transit in the waters of Pisces. Saturn will stay in Pisces until May 2025 and due to planetary retrograde again from August 2025 until February 2026. This will lead to an energy shift from collective humanism to personal responsibility. 

At this time, it’ll be hard to decipher reality from fantasy as we embrace glamor on a surface level, learn to use our intuition and insights as facts, and give compassion to others as well as the world-at-large. We will embrace our spiritual beliefs, creativity, and use them to catapult us forward. This planetary shift, which occurs the same day as the Full Moon, is helping us end our idealistic sentiments from Saturn’s orbit in Aquarius and lean into the views of its shift into Pisces.

When Saturn was in Aquarius, we did the work to evaluate our situations and see if we could incorporate the same concepts or people to our future. Now, Saturn is urging us to release and swim away from past upsets and move towards what makes us happy.The Full Moon is exposing these moments to us, making it easy to let go. It’s time to use our strident nature to our advantage.  

The Full Moon brings change that’s necessary to keep us from being stuck. As the planets move toward their new destination and bring light to our eyes, we are able to see what is holding us back from evolving with the world. Once we accept and embrace this reality, we can be in rhythm with the infinite Universe.


 Inspired by Lisa Stardust and Layla Halabian.  


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