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Full Moon in Cancer 12/2023

Experience the year-end magic with this exquisite Full Moon in Cancer on December 26 or December 27, depending on your time zone! Overflowing with harmony and warmth, let its positive energy envelop you, especially nurturing your emotional well-being. During Cancer Full Moons, heightened sensitivity prevails, but cosmic support ensures balance and reveals silver linings in the emotional waves.

Delve into the unique cosmic alignments of this Full Moon, featuring the radiant Sirius, a star revered across ancient cultures as a Spiritual Sun. On this day, the Moon aligns precisely with Sirius, infusing its powerful blue light into our emotional realm. Emotional shedding, inspiration, and energetic downloads may unfold, fostering sharper intelligence, heightened psychic senses, and greater authenticity.

Jupiter adds its benevolent touch, forming a harmonious sextile with the Moon. Known for expanding and supercharging, Jupiter strengthens the Full Moon and synergizes with Sirius’ energies. Embrace the potential for abundance and good fortune, reflecting on gratitude and setting intentions to release what no longer serves.

Given it’s the final Full Moon of the year, take a moment to reflect on your gratitude for 2023. Celebrate your triumphs, navigate through hurdles, and acknowledge the beauty in your journey. Consider viewing life through the lens of miracles.

This Full Moon, amplified by Jupiter’s energies, is an opportune time for release. Reflect on habits, attitudes, or aspects of life that may benefit from letting go. Use this powerful lunar phase to set intentions and allow Jupiter’s support to guide you in releasing what no longer serves you.

Vesta, the Goddess of Hearth and Fire, graces this Full Moon, amplifying its nurturing essence. In the sign of Cancer, focus on your environmentβ€”surround yourself with positivity and align your space with energies that resonate. As the final Full Moon of 2023, it invites reflection, celebration of triumphs, and the release of what hinders growth.

While sensitivity may surface, this Full Moon serves as a cosmic gift, empowering you as you conclude 2023 and transition into the vibrational energy of 2024. Enjoy the radiance from Sirius, our Spiritual Sun, and let this Full Moon be a beacon of high-frequency energy as you step into the new year.

Happy and blessed Full Moon!

Your Divine Message For Your Sign

β™ˆ Aries

In December, the Full Moon in Cancer highlights the most personal aspect of your chart, urging you to acknowledge and express your emotions. Despite your discomfort with vulnerability, it’s time to lower your guard and embrace the nostalgia and memories in your emotional realm. Reflect on the traditions you’ve built, rooted in both joy and pain, celebrating the stable home within and around you.

♉ Taurus

As a fixed earth sign, your usually contained nature is stirred by December’s Full Moon in Cancer, emphasizing communication and immediate circles. Share your thoughts and address conflicting beliefs or emotions about relatives. With the support of expansive Jupiter in your sign, your values are grounded. Take this opportunity to speak your truth and nurture connections that align with your newfound values.

β™Š Gemini

Give yourself extra self-care, Gemini. The Full Moon spotlights your efforts and harvest, reflecting on your self-worth since the Cancer New Moon in July. Emotionally and monetarily, celebrate your achievements. If uncomfortable conversations arise, remember the importance of stability. Mercury retrograde adds complexity, so navigate with care.

β™‹ Cancer

Under the Full Moon’s glow, Cancer, express your deep emotions freely. Feelings surface, some previously unnoticed. This lunar phase may trigger healing from past neglect, bringing a mix of belonging and longing. Celebrate your journey and be present; the rewards might surpass your expectations.

β™Œ Leo

Truth emerges, Leo, as the Full Moon illuminates your solitude-seeking 12th house. Unveil repressed emotions and acknowledge past joys and pains. Grieve what can’t change but cherish your gains. Your personal progress reflects spiritual growth; focus on your path aligning with values and emotional foundation.

♍ Virgo

December’s Full Moon activates your 11th house, emphasizing friendships and community. Celebrate loved ones who feel like family. Evaluate if certain groups align with your values. New traditions or ending ties may tug your heartstrings, but intuitive decisions for growth are vital. Navigate Mercury retrograde chaos with your diplomatic skills.

β™Ž Libra

Radiate under the Full Moon, Libra, highlighting your public image. A career project reaches completion, drawing attention. Reflect on alignment with values and emotional roots. A female authority figure or parent may play a role. Conflicts may arise in partnerships, navigate with your diplomatic charm.

♏ Scorpio

Reflect on your evolving perception of home and family, Scorpio. The Full Moon in Cancer in your expansive ninth house marks a new chapter. Rekindle relationships with newfound expressiveness. Embrace imperfections; everything falls into place.

♐ Sagittarius

Balance is crucial, Sagittarius, as the Full Moon in Cancer stirs emotions in your eighth house. Address imbalances, especially in family connections. Jupiter and Saturn support confident decisions for a new reality. Be cautious during Mercury retrograde.

β™‘ Capricorn

Togetherness is on your mind, Capricorn, with the Full Moon in Cancer igniting your seventh house. Contemplate commitment, weighing personal bonds against structural impacts. Prioritize love over logic, following your heart.

β™’ Aquarius

Prioritize mental health, Aquarius, under the Full Moon in Cancer in your sixth house. Detox from holiday chaos and reflect on overall well-being. Be discerning with habits and routines for your highest good.

β™“ Pisces

Let joy and self-expression reign, Pisces, as the Full Moon in Cancer lights up your fifth house. New values redefine happiness. Acknowledge your labor’s fruits and embrace insights from past emotional experiences. Let these moments be your teachers and validators.

Your Affirmation

β™ˆ Aries

“I embrace vulnerability and celebrate the strength of my heart.”

♉ Taurus

“I speak my truth confidently, guided by grounded authenticity.”

β™Š Gemini

“I honor my self-worth, navigating growth through conversations.”

β™‹ Cancer

“Expressing emotions freely, I celebrate the present and acknowledge my journey.”

β™Œ Leo

“Truth emerges in solitude; I cherish gains and spiritual growth.”

♍ Virgo

“Celebrating valued connections, I navigate changes with grace.”

β™Ž Libra

“Reflecting on my public image, I navigate conflicts with charm.”

♏ Scorpio

“Embracing a new chapter, I find beauty in imperfections.”

♐ Sagittarius

“Balancing emotions, I confidently embrace a new reality.”

β™‘ Capricorn

“Prioritizing love, I follow my heart and navigate togetherness.”

β™’ Aquarius

“Detoxing for mental well-being, I discern habits for my highest good.”

β™“ Pisces

“Joy and self-expression guide me; past insights are valuable teachers.”

Your Cancer Full Moon Ritual

You will need:

  • Aura cleansing tool
  • Bath treats: bath salt/sea salt, flower petals, essential oils
  • Archangel Winter Solstice Fire Transmission Meditation
  • Cancer Full Moon Reading


  1. Start by energetically cleansing yourself, your space, and ritual ingredients. As you cleanse, recite:

Everything is as it needs to be, for I am light and love. I am right where I need to be, for I am light and love. I accept the light and love within me and around me, cleansing my heart, space, and surroundings. I am cleansed; my heart is full. Thank you.”

  1. Listen to the Archangel Winter Solstice Fire Transmission Meditation. Link Meditation
  2. While the bath fills, take a pinch of salt, sprinkle it in, and say:

β€œI take this salt to cleanse away all that no longer serves. Break attachments and cords hindering my growth. Free me from anything holding me back. Help me release and let go of (insert here).”

  1. Sprinkle flower petals, saying:

β€œThese flowers hold the beauty and perfume of all life. I welcome their energy, seeping into my soul the love, beauty, and creative powers of the earth. May they seep into my soul (insert here).”

  1. Add 1-2 drops of essential oil, saying:

β€œI use this sacred oil to balance my energy and restore harmony to my body, mind, and soul. May its fragrance align my body for balance, health, and restoration. May this bath make me feel (insert here).”

Light candles or play music for ambiance, then get into the bath.

  1. Enjoy moments in the warm bath, envisioning the salt, flowers, and oils restoring your mind, body, and soul.

  2. Before exiting, place hands over your heart, repeat 10 times:

β€œI am a wonderful person with much to offer and give.”

  1. Drain the bathwater, discard flower petals outside if possible.
  1. If using, close with the Cancer Full Moon Reading. Reflect on insights and messages.

Your ritual is complete. Happy Full Moon!

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