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New Moon in Virgo 08/2022

Manifestation and Mindfulness

Connecting with the moon is a way to raise your spiritual awareness and extend your practices. Working with the phases of the moon can help you to delve deeper into astrology, your emotions and intuition. This blog is exclusively for you.😊

If you are not obsessed with moon cycles as we are you still can use this article as a tool to syncing with your emotions and get a deeper understanding about mindfulness and your self- care routines with advice from experts. The New moon is the second chance for all your intentions you made during the Full Moon phase. It is a reminder to sit back, reflect and set new intentions, start new projects, new relationships, new self care routines and many more. Manifest everything which is good for your soul.


What Are Moon Rituals?

Moon rituals are a timeless tradition that date back in time. They were created in moon-worshipping societies in countries like Egypt and Babylonia. Moon rituals today help you to focus inward, make resolutions, share love, and feel more in control of your life. Because you take the time to consider your needs, aspirations, and how you want to spend your time on earth, they are an excellent source of self-care.

There are eight phases of the moon, but the ones commonly used for moon rituals revolve around the Full Moon and the new moon. The sun and moon come into alignment during the New Moon, joining the sun and moon’s masculine and feminine energy. This time is associated with positive change.

However, there is never a “bad time” to do a moon ritual because each moon phase has a certain magical significance and intention. Since we are largely composed of water and are aware that the moon’s phases effect the tides, incorporating a little science to your developing spiritual growth may also be beneficial. Therefore, a moon ritual might be a fantastic opportunity to re-establish a connection with the rhythms that all life on earth shares. You’d be unwise not to take advantage of the ambitious, go-getter attitude that the August 27 Virgo New Moon will shower upon us, or at the very least, get ready for it.

The New Moon presents an opportunity for creativity since it appears dark or empty, like fertile land. The moon appears to absorb more light from the sun over the course of the next 14 to 15 nights, becoming a crescent and then a Full Moon, and carrying with her the power of development and potential. Now is the perfect moment to set intentions for the things we want in life and sync with the energy of the moon to help those seeds blossom.


How to manifest with the Moon

New moons happen once a month and signify the beginning of a cycle. You can think of them as a cosmic reset. The New Moon gives us a two-week and six-month window to work toward those intentions. Being mindful of moon cycles can help you to manage the stress of day-to-day life better. New Moon rituals are what you need at the time and should be performed based on your situation. 

You must ask yourself: What are my aspirations? How do I get there?  What do I need to get rid of limiting patterns? The Virgo New Moon is a fabulous time to set ambitious goals for the future.  New Moons in Virgo can often feel like a mini New Year. “They draw our attention back to our habits, health, and daily routine”. 

First thing first, New Moon is all about setting intentions and goals, one simplistic thing you should do is: sitting down and getting clear on what you’d like your intention to be. A good way to start is to dust off your journal and write a list of what you want to bring into your life. Write everything whatever it is that feels right to you and don’t limit or box yourself based on the situation around you.

Here we created some guidelines for you on how to do New Moon rituals under the dark magickal sky. Of course you can create your own New Moon ceremony by taking inspiration from these inspirations. Do everything whatever feels right to you and don’t limit or box yourself based on the situation or the limiting energies people around you. This is your celebration of the New Moon.

  • Understand and write your intention

For doing this, prepare a sacred space and pamper yourself with a cup of your favorite herbal tea or with a scented candle.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply and ask yourself: What do I most desire? In which area of my life, I want to connect more? Do I feel aligned with my current partner or fling? Do I wish to improve my relationship with myself and others? Do I crave a career which is close to the purpose of my life? Do I feel peace, joy and content in my day to day activities? Open your eyes and phrase your intentions in a positive way.

  • Meditation 

Do a mini meditation session after finishing your intention setting and focus on you breathe and pay attention to inhale and exhale process. Visualize all the finer details about your intentions and manifest them. Just feel as if all your wishes already come true and you are living your dream life.

  • Celebration and Closing

A ritual is something to be celebrated. Together, or alone, sing, chant, read a poem, play a musical instrument, or even dance in honor of yourself and the moon. It’s crucial to close your ritual in a formal manner. When your ceremony is finished, take a minute to sit quietly and express gratitude to any angels, guides, and the Universe as a whole. Thank them for helping you set your intentions in motion, for their support, and for their direction. Feel grateful that the Universe is always on your side.

Finally, observe how you feel for the next few days. Make notes of your emotions and dreams in your diary. After a New Moon you may have insights on how to act toward your dreams you won’t want to miss out. And after a Full Moon you may be guided to rest a bit more or drink lots of water.  Later, you can also start doing a vision board. This is a very powerful way to visualize your goals and how you wish your life will look like. You can take a few days to work on this. Start a visual element that inspires you the most.  Keep it somewhere you see it everyday and use it as a reminder of what you are working on. Use all moon phases to manifest it. We would love to guide you on this life journey!

Last but not the least, one of the lessons of this New Moon is to resist impatience, anger, and frustration, and trust your natural timing in life.

Happy New Moon, Moonies 🤍

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