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Full Moon in Libra 04/2023

A short overview how a lack of boundaries can look like:

It may be saying yes when we really mean no. It may look like people-pleasing or being afraid of upsetting someone. It may also look like oversharing emotional issues with people who aren’t supportive or feeling like you are a dumping ground for other people’s emotions.

A lack of boundaries can make you feel a little annoyed almost all of the time, and you may get angry easily. Anger is often a sign that your boundaries are being invaded. You may be angry at another for crossing them or angry at yourself for not upholding them.

Another clue that more boundaries are needed is if you easily take on other people’s energy. For instance, you may be in a pleasant mood. Then, after an encounter with someone in a lower vibration who is complaining a lot, you find yourself in a lower frequency, too. Boundaries help us hold the vibration we want to experience instead of taking on someone else’s.

This Full Moon in Libra invites you to become more aware if you need more boundaries between yourself and others. Creating strong boundaries is part of being in healthy relationships. We can align with our souls’ mission more easily, when we maintain our boundaries. When both people in any kind of relationship do this, they can have clear, conscious communication around expectations and compromises. Make use of this cosmical energy and release any tension. 

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