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Full Moon in Leo 02/2023

Hey Moonie!

Here you find your Full Moon in Leo forecast for your three bigs in Astrology: Sun sign, Rising sign and Moon sign. We also prepared a self care ritual for you. Take time for yourself tonight, Moonie!



The Full Moon in Leo lights up your 5th house of romance, drama, pleasure and creativity. This brings cause to celebrate and to try something new. If you’ve been dating, your love life can expect a few twists and turns, or perhaps a resurgence of pleasure and playfulness. Creative projects also reach a climax. It’s time to bask in the present moment and all you have accomplished.

Full Moon self care ritual: Plan a date! Whether coupled or single, take yourself out on a date night. Consciously celebrate a recent accomplishment in your life or something you’re grateful for.



The Full Moon in Leo moves through your 4th house of home, family, and the past. This moon activates both your public and private life, so you may also be experiencing big shake-ups at work, too. It’s a powerful time to release pieces of your past and engage in self-forgiveness and self-compassion. Changes with family members or a sudden desire to move can all pop up. The Full Moon in Leo brings the main character energy for everyone, but especially for you.

Full Moon self care ritual: Go through the photos on your phone from the past year. Reflect on where you’ve been and where you are now. Release anything that no longer serves you and witness your growth.



The Full Moon in Leo illuminates your 3rd house of communication, information, and learning. If you’re in a study program, this moon could correlate with completing a course or becoming more proficient in a new skill. If you have siblings, you may learn some news about them or some of your extended family members. In general, this moon will deliver some type of news, so pay attention to topics of discussion, themes, and people you encounter on this day. This is also a great day for self-expression, so speak from your heart.¬†

Full Moon self care ritual: Grab your journal and get writing. Expression is key under this moon, so dump your emotions, ideas, and thoughts all onto a piece of paper.



The Full Moon in Leo activates your 2nd house of income, resources, and self-worth. Finances, raises, promotions, and becoming more intimately involved with your budget are all on the table. With wildcard Uranus involved, the Full Moon in Leo can go one of two ways: an exciting windfall or surprise bonus check, or unexpected expenses or bills popping up. Lean into the gratitude for all you have and don’t be afraid to ask for what you’re worth.

Full Moon self care ritual: Say thank you to the Universe every time you make a purchase. Be grateful for the funds to fill your fridge or your gas tank. This will help cultivate an abundance mindset.



Happy Full Moon in your sign Leo! This powerful Full Moon, Leo activates your 1st house of identity, sense of self, and personal ambitions. This is truly your moment-it’s all about you! But, it can be a reflective and sensitive time. You can make use of this energy to shed old versions of yourself and step into a future version of who you want to be. Relationship changes-either at work or in love-may experience some turbulence or sudden breakthroughs.

Full Moon self care ritual: Time for some mirror magick. Sit in front of a mirror and repeat positive affirmations to yourself over and over. Push through the discomfort; you’re being reborn and ready to embody these new qualities.



The Full Moon in Leo moves through your 12th house of endings, closure, spirituality, and release. Consider yourself at a recharging station. If you’ve been working beyond the scope of your boundaries, this Full Moon may remind you that solitude can bring clarity and rest is productive. You have deeper access to your subconscious and intuition, so pay attention to symbols and messages in your dreams and waking life.

Full Moon self care ritual: Choose to say no! Decline some invitations! Bundle up with a book or show, and choose to just be in your own energy to reset.



The Full Moon lands in your 11th house of community, friendship, as well as the sector of your chart that has to do with your hopes and dreams for the future. Networking or social events around this time can lead to meeting some unexpected people who may also be willing and ready to invest in you and your ideas. Drama within friend groups can reach a peak. You’re usually not a fan of confrontation, but today’s moon will give you the encouragement to speak your mind-with tact.

Full Moon self care ritual: Engage in a group activity. Spend some time with friends or start volunteering at an organization that means something to you-just choose to spend time with others. This can feel incredibly restorative.



Major life changes are underway with the Full Moon in Leo moving through your 10th house of reputation, legacy, and accomplishments. Even though you’re known for not being a big fan of change, this Full Moon in Leo could have you ready to make life-changing decisions! Perhaps you’re leaving a job, starting a new position, moving, or ready to share a part of yourself publicly with the world. Don’t be afraid to take risks-this is your cosmic green light!

Full Moon self care ritual: Invite a little more adventure into your life by choosing the unexpected path. Be bold and take a risk. If you want something you’ve never had before, you have to try something new.



This Full Moon in Leo moves through your 9th house of travel, expansion, spirituality, adventure, and education. You may be gearing up to take a big trip or ready to explore other realms with your spiritual practice. You’re being asked to zoom out and look at the big picture. What do you want and what actions will lead you there? News and information may also arrive under this moon, so pay close attention to topics of conversation and people you encounter around this time. Fortune favors the bold-so take a risk.

Full Moon self care ritual: Connect with an aligned spiritual practice, like meditation, tarot, astrology, or breathwork. Engaging with your intuition can reveal helpful information as you decide how you’d like to move forward.



The Full Moon in Leo lands in your 8th house of intimacy, fears, psyche, and shared resources. You may be reflecting on contracts-spoken and unspoken-that you share with others. This can also mark a financial shift (taxes, anyone?) or, on a more personal level, have you sorting through some of your past. You will be rewarded with your vulnerability under this moon. This is the perfect time to extend yourself grace and to work on healing from and releasing parts of your past. You may be in the cocoon now, but your butterfly moment is just around the corner.

Full Moon self care ritual: Visualize your shadow: Get specific with a moment in time when you felt the most embarrassed, shameful, or guilty. Walk over to your shadow and hug it. Envision a pink orb of bright light and love engulfing the both of you. Love and release.



Romance is in the air, and this Full Moon in Leo is bringing make-it or break-it energy, Aquarius. The Full Moon graces the 7th house, the relationship sector of your chart, so in matters of love, you may be making a sudden decision. You may also be sharing pieces of your past that you haven’t felt safe enough to share with others for some time. This energy can also signal some potential collaborations or contracts on the horizon in your career sector.

Full Moon self care ritual: Listen to your heart. You’re so logical and analytical and it’s too easy for you to silence what the heart wants. Tune in to your heart space and take action from there.



The Full Moon activates your 6th house of routine, work-life balance, conflict, and health. If you’re feeling worn down, it’s more than fair that you express your needs! If there has been ongoing tension between you and someone at work or in your life, this Full Moon can give you that extra push to address it head on. It’s also a powerful time to embrace a healthier routine and kick limiting beliefs and bad habits. Start small and you’ll eventually make huge waves of change.

Full Moon self care ritual: It’s time to spend more time on yourself. You’re overdue for rest and recharge, so engage in relaxing activities that lower your cortisol levels.


Happy Full Moon!

Magical greetings,
Aylin from ORATIS


Inspired by astrologer collective: Karin Resl, Stephanie Campos, Lisa Stardust

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