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Online Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra Meditation

Join us for a captivating evening under the illuminating glow of the Full Moon in Libra and Lunar Eclipse! This guided meditation and blue lotus tea ceremony are designed to help you harness the powerful energy of the Libra Full Moon and lunar eclipse, guiding you towards a deeper connection with yourself and the cosmos.

During this event, we will delve into the unique attributes of Libra and facilitate a journey of inner harmony and balance. Through guided meditations, a serene blue lotus tea ceremony, reflective exercises, and shared insights, you will uncover your true desires and cultivate a sense of equilibrium within.

Whether you’re new to lunar astrology or a seasoned enthusiast, this ceremony and workshop are open to all seekers. Join us as we gather with like-minded souls to embrace the transformative energy of the Full Moon in Libra and awaken our inner wisdom.

Prepare to set intentions and embrace your personal power as we come together for this enchanting Full Moon in Libra Ritual & Workshop. Don’t miss this opportunity to align with the harmonizing energy of Libra and let your inner light shine brightly!

Workshop holders:

Aylin is a versatile workshop facilitator with a strong background in spiritual practices and holistic well-being. Since 2020, she has been leading both online and offline circles, offering a unique blend of fairy, witch, and moon goddess energies. Aylin is not only a workshop holder but also the owner of a startup dedicated to spiritual dating and community-building (Check out ORATIS App for free on App Store and Play Store). Her diverse experience includes hosting conscious dating events, organizing retreats by the seaside, and conducting workshops on topics such as astrology, numerology, human design, personality traits, conscious love, tantra and relationships.

For the past four years, Aylin has been conducting ceremonies during both full moon and new moon phases, creating sacred spaces for participants to connect with themselves and the universe. In addition to her spiritual pursuits, she is a tantra practitioner and has a keen interest in Sufism, exploring the mystical aspects of life.

Cansu brings a different artistic dimension to workshops as a musician, artist, and yoga teacher. Her workshops, often featured at spiritual festivals, events, and retreats, showcase her expertise in guided meditations, connecting with inner guidance, and various healing modalities.

Cansu’s unique approach includes incorporating artistic meditation practices and playing the saz, an instrument that adds a musical and meditative element to her sessions. Drawing from her native and traditional healing methods, she intends to keep and share this knowlege. Inside Anatolian music verbally transferred wisdom and heart centered knowlege becomes immortal through the ages. She uses healing practices as native to the land and people, and aims to remind those who listen the simplicity of their own agency & inner healing power, through intentional practices of guided meditations, symbols, rituals, the spirit, the voice and movement.

You are welcome to join our conscious community channel over telegram: https://t.me/+1V0JdhCFs4diM2U0

In case you have issues with signing up for a ticket please contact us: higherconscious.academy@gmail.com

Social free tickets are limited. In case all social free tickets are sold out, please contact us via email or telegram.

Join the Online Full Moon Cosmic Yoga Class from Melita from 19:00 – 20:30.

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Lots of Love

Aylin & Oratis Team


Mar 25 2024


8:45 pm - 10:00 pm


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