Hey Moonie 💖 YOU are invited to a magickal event!✨



Sunday 20th of November 2022 at 18:00 PM (CET) 9:00 AM (PT)

We are very happy and excited to announce that we collaborate with Paulina Tenner, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, author, and speaker. We prepared together a magickal event for you!🧿

Event-Details ⬇️

🌚✨ New Moon ritual – relaxation, meditation, intention setting and manifestation with Aylin and Rana from ORATIS

❤️‍🔥✨ S*x Magick manifestation ritual with Paulina from Temples of Eros

🥁🪘🪕✨ Sound healing journey by Tribu Music Store brothers from Berlin

✔️ This magickal event is perfect for you if

  • you´ve been struggling to get in touch with what you truly desire and move forwards it with confidence and power
  • you want to set new goals
  • you want to manifest your visions for your future
  • you want to renew your strength
  • you want to renew your hope
  • you want to renew your spirit
  • you want to renew your love
  • you want to grow your spirituality
  • you want to learn about spiritual practices and how you can use them to generate abundance in life
  • you are keen to discover and learn in an embodied way the basic principles of s*x magick


➡️ Online

This magickal event will be hosted on freeQ.love: a new female founded tech company from Amsterdam created to deliver LGBTQ+ friendly s*x positive events to global audiences online

🌏💞 Don’t miss this super magickal, powerful, cosmically manifested international collaboration between ORATIS in Vienna, Temple of Eros in London, Tribu Music Store in Berlin, and freeQ in Amsterdam 

Wherever you are in the Moonieverse – we invite you with open arms, hearts, love and positive energies to join us! 🌏✨🪐

🪬✨ Let´s co-create a magical global field of manifestation and love together!

PS: We recommend to:

  • Choose a place where no one disturbs you during the event and you have your privacy 
  • Prepare yourself for the event with for example some gemstones, candles, joss stick, sage or Palo Santo to burn, tea, papers and pencil
  • Use your PC camera for this magickal event, but it is not a must
  • We will record it, so you are able to repeat the ritual later, at your own convenience

We can´t wait to manifest with you! 💖

Magickal Greetings


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