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Astrology and its influence on us!
Astrology is not a guarantee for the right partnership. However, it does show which energies are represented in us individuals. The elements of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air differ in their energies. These represented energies help us to understand ourselves and others better. We can strengthen and use our energies to bring out the best in ourselves and learn what we want, also in partnerships.
Of course, it depends completely on each of us how these energies are used and what is made of them. We as human beings are not only defined by astrology and the represented energies of our birth time, but we are affected, influenced, and shaped by life in many ways. Starting from our family, our childhood, our health, important key people, individual experiences, impacting experiences and situations.
This means that we are all unique and develop accordingly. We all have a unique character and with astrology, among other things, we can get to know ourselves better and deal with our own energy. The better we know ourselves, the more we can know what we really want, need or are looking for > Date yourself first! We can encourage, strengthen and work on our energies so that we can use them better and develop our highest potential. Since we all have different personalities and our individual progress in getting to know ourselves and working on ourselves varies, Zodiac sign combinations may not fit after all. For example, people may not yet have dealt enough with their strengths and weaknesses or may have other individual reasons and biases.
Besides Astrology, also Personality Types or Human Design can illustrate well which strengths and potentials characterize us.
Therefore, they can also be helpful to get to know ourselves and each other better. We can always work on our strengths and weaknesses of our personality, if we become aware of them, and strengthen them, so that we can get the best out of our uniqueness and live a fulfilled and happy life.

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