💖 ORATIS Conscious Dating Ball  🫂🔮

🥳🥁🔮 Sober, mindful sexy party to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a  deeper and ritualistic way

💞 Align with like minded souls in the MOONIEverse offline in  Berlin before Valentine’s Day  starts

🫂 Embrace your self-love  and deepen your  connection with others  in a   sensual and playful way  

🔥  Dress to impress your Higher Self  🔥

When:  13.12.2023  from  6.00 pm – 11.45 pm  (CET)*
📍 Where:  SHA-LA Studios in Prenzlauer Berg  in  Berlin,
Mülhauser Str. 6,  10405 Berlin, entrance via courtyard


  👀 What to expect: 

  • 🪩  Sober, safe space   to   connect   with fellow MOONIE’s in an open hearted way
  • 🧉  Cocoa Ceremony 
  • 💌  Self-love  Ritual with Meditation 
  • 👩🏾‍🤝‍👨🏼  Conscious Spiritual Dating workshop to deepen your connection 
  • 🫂  Cuddle  area 
  • ❤️‍  Sex Magick manifestation ritual
  • 🫦  Intimate care & confidence  Workshop 
  • 🥁  Live Sound healing  concert by Tribu brothers 



Aylin and  Rana  (sisters) from  Oratis , avid “Moonies” and spiritual dating geeks are the female founders of ORATIS Spiritual Dating & Community App and   experts   in the field of   Astrology & Spirituality. Both focus on  deeper, sensual connections & relationships   and guide you to  align with your true authentic self & manifest the love you deserve. 💖🫂🔮

  from Temples of Erosis an  experienced temple night host  and facilitator (as well a burlesque artist) and an  expert in sexuality. As an omnisexual, poly woman (pronouns she/they or transpersonal “it”) she guides you to align with the   power of Eros  , most potent force the Universe knows!  ❤️ 🔥

Andres  and  Seba,  avid “Tribu brothers” are  musicians  and  experts  in the field of  instruments & sound healing journey  and will enchant you with their live performance. 🎶🪘🎹

Lili and  Felix  from Sentou are the founders of a cruelty free & vegan intimate care aftershave and an expert when it comes to intimate care and confidence. 🧼🪒

SHA-LA studios is a home where yoga is practiced and experienced. Yoga is a practice for the body and the mind. It is also an ethical exercise, where the physical practice is an execution of the meditative aspect. Yoga is for everyone. All bodies are welcome. Our space is LGBQTIA+ and BiPoc friendly. 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏾‍♂️🌈


👀 This event is perfect for you if

  • you are single or in a relationship and want to deepen your connection in a sober, mindful, sensual and playful way
  • you are interested in the law of astrology and the power of the four elements (fire, air, water, earth)
  • you want to attract or intensify the love you desire and deserve / your relationship
  • you’ve been struggling to get in touch with what you  truly desire  and move towards it with confidence and power while you know very well your goals are, but you have difficulty   manifesting  them
  • you want to learn about   spiritual practices   to do with phases of the moon and how to use them to generate abundance in life excites you
  • you want to   manifest your deepest desires  in a  loving and caring community  (culmination of energy is stronger for manifestations)
  • You want to   empower   your   intimate care   and   boost   your   confidence
  • you are keen to discover and learn in an embodied way the basic   principles of sex magick 
  • you are open to discover the   high frequency effects of live sound healing music
  • you want to   increase   your   oxytocin level   with   cuddles & intimacy  

🪐 This event is a   super powerful, cosmically manifested international collaboration   between   Oratis   in   Vienna  ,   ToE   in   London  ,   Tribu musicians, Sentou   and   SHA-LA studios   in   Berlin   . So literally wherever in the world you are, we invite you with open arms, hearts, and through the power of our wombs to join us. 


Let’s co-create a magical global field of manifestation together! 🔥  ✨  We can’t wait to align with you in Berlin! 


Magical greetings!  

Aylin & Rana from ORATIS and the whole team of this magical & unique event   💖

👀  For further questions feel free and contact us any time via email:   support@oratis.app