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Aquarius New Moon 01/2023

During a New Moon, the combined effect of both the Sun and the Moon creates a subtle frequency that is felt in our consciousness. Consciousness is simply awareness of external stimuli. One theory is that consciousness takes place at the point where differing energies intersect. It extends far past the physical body and grants us the ability to perceive things we cannot see. It also allows us to be affected by subtle energies, such as the Moon. When we work with the energy of the Moon, we are building awareness around these shifts in consciousness and directing them how we see fit.

Consciousness consists of varying levels. Some are on the forefront of awareness and are easy to work with, while others are buried deep below the surface of the psyche in the subconscious. The subconscious contains conditioned patterns from childhood, hidden fears, hidden dreams, and usually the true, authentic self. It is a myriad of energies that direct us without our awareness. During a new Moon, the additional frequencies provided by the Sun and Moon conjunction help bring subconscious energies to the surface of the mind.


Aquarius New Moon Ritual 

With the power of the New Moon you can set your frequency and restart. Take a moment tonight and reflect on what society has placed upon you in the past. Go beyond the assumptions people make when they first see you. Peel back the conditions you had to meet to feel loved, accepted, successful, and whole. Break through your old programming and see it as just that-a program you were taught to run in your conscious mind.

As you journey through these layers, feel your pure state-the one you came into this world with before you were molded into something else. What is that energy? Is it love? Joy? Hope? Does it feel abundant and worthy? Take some time to sit with yourself and honor your core essence. Feel the vibration that is your home.

After you align with your core frequency, look at your conditioned patterns, limiting beliefs, and negative outlooks that disturb it. What lowers your vibration? What triggers you? Investigate your inner narrative and become aware of when and how you complain, blame, or focus on the negative. While life isn’t always positive and fun, it’s important to notice when you are spiraling downward and focusing too much on the negative.

When negative feelings arise, give them space to be heard and seen while also redirecting your attention back to your core frequency. You have a choice each day to stay at the frequency you desire or allow another one to take over. Yes, there may be intrusive thoughts, worries, and situations that lower your vibration, but you always have the choice to return home to yourself.

If you feel stuck and overwhelmed make some easy breath techniques. Take a deep breath in – hold on for 30 seconds – and breathe out fully from your mouth. Repeat it a couple of times. You will feel immediately calmer afterwards. Burn some candles and your favorite joss stick for the cozy atmosphere. Sage and Paolo Santo are very favorable to cleanse the energy and neutralize it. The gemstone Amethyst has a calming energy and supports you to find your inner balance and peace. Hold it in your hand and meditate on your purpose. 

Keep in mind, you are never alone. Every day our angels are sending us signs in different ways e.g. number sequences. You just have to be receptive to receive it. Short meditations on a daily basis can help you to calm your mind.

Happy & peaceful New Moon 💖

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